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Chapter 3472: Entering the Secret Realm (3)

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Huang Yueli turned her head to look at Li Moying.

She also wanted to equip Li Moying with a set of Spirit Armaments that she made herself, but after carefully observing the equipment on Li Moying, she chose to give it up temporarily.

“These are all treasures on you! The Cloudy Qilin Clan really attaches great importance to you, the Young Master. The Spirit Armaments I refine are not comparable to treasures, so you should wear these on you ,wait for me…”

Before Huang Yueli could finish speaking, she saw Li Moying’s face darken rapidly.

“What? You didn’t prepare a Spirit Armament for your husband?”


When Huang Yueli heard his chilly voice, her back turned cold, and she quickly said, “I mean, I’m not good enough to refine something better than yours…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw Li Moying take off the wrist guard he was wearing and threw it on the ground.

Immediately afterwards, the shoulder pads were removed.

Then he tossed the boots next.

At last…

Seeing that Li Moying started to unfasten the robe from the top, Huang Yueli almost jumped up, “Wait…wait, wait! Don’t just take off your clothes if you disagree! Put it on, put it back on quickly!”

Li Moying had already unfasted his top, revealing a muscular chest. There were still traces of ambiguity…

Huang Yueli’s eyes widened. It was clearly scratched by her last night…

“Ahem, ahem! Don’t be like this! These are all treasures on your body! No one else can ask for them! You’d better put them on quickly! How can you throw them on the ground, what if they break? What if you lose them? ”

“Hey, are you really taking it off? Look, Big Brother Tianyi and the others are still around…”

Li Tianyi and the others turned around a long time ago, and all of them huddled in the corner without saying a word, wishing they could disappear immediately in place!

The ancients said it well, when misfortunes come, blessings depend on them, and when blessings come, misfortunes subdue them!

I just got a set of priceless Spirit Armaments, and I haven’t been happy for long, and this is the beginning of bad luck! Why let them see the scene where their Young Master taught his wife a lesson!

In case something unspeakable happens, where will they hide? ?

Seeing Huang Yueli who was desperately pretending to be pitiful, Li Moying snorted coldly, “So what about Spirit Armaments? It’s better to lose them! With these Spirit Armaments, even my wife is not willing to refine Spirit Armaments for me.” It’s worse than trash!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t laugh or cry, “Don’t do this! I’m thinking about your safety! It’s not difficult for me to refine a set for you, but after wearing the Spirit Armament I refined, your attack and defense will drop. In this secret realm that no one has explored, there are dangers everywhere, and you are too unsafe!”

Li Moying glared at her, “Is this a reason? Even if I don’t wear a treasure, I can still protect you! Are you looking down on your man?”

“I…I’m not…” Huang Yueli was tongue-tied.

Seeing that Li Moying was about to throw those priceless treasures out of the flying ship, she rushed over quickly and stopped in front of Li Moying.

“Don’t…don’t throw it away! This is all money!”

Li Moying’s face turned darker, and he glanced at her coldly.

Huang Yueli knows him well. She knows that he is only questioning her. Which was more important for her, husband or money?

But how could she answer this question!

Huang Yueli’s heart was twisted like a knife. Although her husband was definitely the number one, money… was also very important!

Suddenly, Huang Yueli had an idea.