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Chapter 3474: Forest Shade Town (1)

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Finally, he snorted coldly and took the white robe from Huang Yueli’s hand.

Then, in front of Huang Yueli, he picked up the treasures on the ground and put them back one by one. Finally, he frowned and stared at the silver-white robe for a while before putting it on.

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes and watched with interest.

Although it is said that it is very eye-catching for a beautiful man to undress, but the process of dressing was also a treat to her eyes.

“Tsk tsk, as expected of my husband, this body, this skin…”


Especially the movement of those slender and powerful fingers sliding over the fabric, there was an indescribable elegance and charm that made her unable to look away.

Suddenly, those fingers stopped and didn’t move.

Huang Yueli was a little surprised when she heard a man’s joking voice above her head, “Little fox, the drool is dripping all over. This is because you don’t want me to put my clothes on? Or… let’s not get off the flying ship, I’ll take you back to the cabin so you can take a proper look?”

There was nothing more embarrassing than being caught peeking!

Huang Yueli’s face turned red all of a sudden, “Cough, who… Who is drooling? Don’t slander others! Your figure is just average, so I’m not interested in watching it!”

“Just average?” Li Moying’s face darkened, and his voice immediately sank.

Huang Yueli was shocked to realize that she had said the wrong thing in a hurry!

Given how arrogant this man was, maybe in order to prove his “just average” figure, he will take her into the cabin and force her to watch!

Huang Yueli reacted very quickly, and ran in the direction of several guards in a flash.

“You heard wrong, I didn’t say anything just now! Alright, it’s getting late, let’s not delay, I’ll get off the flying ship first, get dressed and get off quickly!”

The flying ship hadn’t stopped yet, but Huang Yueli was agile and jumped off the flying ship with a swish.

Li Moying’s reaction was a little slower, so he let his little fox escape, not knowing whether to laugh or cry for a while.

Huang Yueli jumped off the flying ship, looked left and right, and found that they were on the edge of a small town. The town was surrounded by densely packed towering trees, and it was impossible to see the end.

“This should be the forest town marked on the map, right?” Huang Yueli muttered to himself.

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a familiar voice behind her say: “Yes, this is Forest Shade Town. We still have to walk 30 miles to the west of the woods, and we should reach the location of the secret realm. However, Forest Shade Town is the closest location to the secret realm where the flying ship can land, so for the next 30 miles, we must walk there.”

When Huang Yueli heard the mesmerizing voice, she turned around.

Facing her was a handsome man in a white robe.

Li Moying not only put on the long robe, but also tied his long hair and adorned it with a white jade crown. The perfect facial features and contour lines were even more exquisite under the sunlight.

And, just as Huang Yueli imagined, Li Moying was very suitable for wearing white.

Wearing a white robe made his tall and straight figure even more noble and arrogant, but it also covered up his cold, stern and domineering aura a bit, making him like a a noble Young Master, elegant and extraordinary.

“Do I look that good? Otherwise… let’s go back to the cabin, shall we?”

The man’s laughing voice sounded close just beside her ears, Huang Yueli was startled before sherealized that she had been distracted by Li Moying!

As soon as she raised her head, Li Moying had on a proud expression as he looked back at her with a smile!