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Chapter 3427: One must always honor a bet (3)

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Having said this, Huang Yueli paused, glanced coldly at Li Leyun’s face, and said: “Besides, my husband has his own thoughts and feelings, even if I were to retreat, he will never be interested in you. So tell me, how can I watch him suffer such in injustice?”

Hearing this, Li Leyun’s face suddenly turned green!

This shrewed little vixen was too shameless! She just spoke out in such a straightforward manner. It was obvious what she meant, Li Moying doesn’t like her at all!

Although, this was a fact, but Li Leyun had always refused to accept it!

Besides, speaking out in front of so many of those that were in power and spreading it out, who knows what would go down the grapevine!


Hearing this, everyone in the hall laughed out along as well.

In fact, what the relationship between Huang Yueli and Li Moying was and whether Li Moying had a crush on Li Leyun, these outsiders don’t know anything about it.

But this does not prevent them from admiring Huang Yueli’s confidence and demeanor.

Huang Yueli could admit that the bet did not exist. Behind such a demeanor was unparalleled confidence! It seemed that she was certain that Young Master Li would never betray their feelings.

Huang Yueli turned to Grandmaster Xiao, cupped her hands and said, “So, from the beginning to the end, I didn’t plan to make any bet with Young Miss Li. I’m here to participate in the competition today, simply because I just don’t want anyone else to be called my husband’s fiancee outside. This shameful incident has damaged my husband’s reputation! That’s all.”

After listening to Huang Yueli’s explanation, everyone was convinced.

For such a young girl to have such insight and ambition, few even the younger generation of the other God Clans can achieve it.

Even Li Yuntao and Li Yunhai looked at each other, and their views on Huang Yueli were greatly changed.

Originally, they thought that Huang Yueli only depended on luck and beauty to marry Li Moying in the lower realm, but now that she came to the realm of the gods, she could only be a vase that Li Moying looked after, and it was insignificant.

But now, Huang Yueli not only showed a powerful talent for refining armaments, but also showed the tolerance and heart that a superior should have.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for Huang Yueli’s low background, they would all think that Huang Yueli is more suitable to be the young lady of the Cloudy Qilin Clan than Li Leyun!

Besides, Huang Yueli’s insistence on not betting against Li Moying also shows that her feelings for Li Moying are from the heart.

Based on this, even Li Leyun can’t compare.

“It’s a pity, a little girl who has risen from the lower realm is still a human race. Her background is too low, even if she has a second-class background!”

Li Yuntao said a word without beginning or end, but Li Yunhai and he were twin brothers, and they had the same mind, so he naturally understood what he meant.

Li Yunhai also nodded and said, “Let’s report today’s affairs to the Patriarch first. At least you can give her the status of a concubine. For a little human Lass Like her, it is a step to the sky.”

The Twelve Great God Clans were equivalent to nobles in the God Realm, and it was common to have a wife and a few concubines.

Like Li Moying, as the future Patriarch, in addition to the main wife, he can also marry two concubines.

The Concubine’s status in the family was also very high, and she must be a noble daughter with outstanding talent from major families to sit in this position.

In the eyes of the two of them, making Huang Yueli the position of a concubine was already considered to have done her a great favor, and she should even be thankful for it.