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Chapter 3453: The Witty Grandmaster Xiao (2)

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Huang Yueli nodded, “Elder Xuan is so polite, then we’ll do as you said!”

Xuan Zifan smiled, then turned to look at Grandmaster Xiao again.

Huang Yueli was also waiting for Grandmaster Xiao’s reply.

Originally, Huang Yueli was a little worried about leaving the negotiations to Grandmaster Xiao. After all, Grandmaster Xiao was old and a little stubborn, so he might not know how to adapt.

However, now that the Black Tortoise Clan was so straightforward, the conditions were quite reasonable. This matter was simple, Grandmaster Xiao only needed to nod his head and it would be over.


A few people looked at Grandmaster Xiao, but Grandmaster Xiao seemed to be unaware of their gaze. He was slowly flipping through the pages, and he read it over and over several times. He was not in a hurry at all.

After waiting for a while, he put down the contract in his hand.

“Elder Xuan, your contract is really a bit unkind, isn’t it?” Grandmaster Xiao said, dissatisfied: “According to the old man, this profit distribution should be at 30% and 70%, you’re 30%!”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli opened her mouth wide and looked at Grandmaster Xiao in surprise.

She was also worried that Grandmaster Xiao was always confused, but she didn’t expect that Grandmaster Xiao was more powerful than her, and this bargaining power was really amazing!

The share of thirty and seventy!

Even Huang Yueli herself was too embarrassed to say that.

Huang Yueli has always been very rude to people who have offended her, but she and the Black Tortoise Clan are serious partners and want to have a good relationship. In this case, she feels that four or six is ​​a comparison. reasonable distribution.

Unexpectedly, Grandmaster Xiao is so cruel!

Sure enough, Xuan Zifan also felt a little unhappy.

He sat up straight and said sternly: “Grandmaster Xiao, what do you mean? I think I have given enough sincerity. In this contract, we have considered all aspects of cooperation, even the distribution of profits. The ratio is also well thought out. When other Spiritual Armament Masters cooperate with major forces, the party who provides the map usually gets 40% to 50% of the profit. We gave 60% this time, which is already very large proportion.”

After listening, Grandmaster Xiao, he nodded and said, “This old man also knows that 40% to 50% of what you said is indeed the current market situation.”

Xuan Zifan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words, “Grandmaster Xiao, it’s good that you know about this situation. I’ve also heard that you have always been fair, so you shouldn’t deliberately embarrass us about this, right?”

Grandmaster Xiao twisted his gray beard and said, “However, this old man insists that the profit distribution must be divided 30% and 70%!”

Xuan Zifan immediately frowned, “Grandmaster Xiao, you are…”

Grandmaster Xiao said to him: “What you said is only for ordinary Spirit Armaments. The illustrations that Young Master Li took out this time are unique! Don’t look at it as a low-level Spirit Armaments, but there are several that have reached the level of advanced Spirit Armaments! Moreover, the cost of refining is also very low.”

Xuan Zifan said: “Grandmaster Xiao, we also admit what you said. Therefore, 60% of the profit has been given, which is very high. After all, this is only a low-level Spirit Armament…”

Grandmaster Xiao waved his hand and interrupted him again.

“You still don’t understand! Young Master Li’s Spirit Armaments were made with a brand-new refining method! Do you know what this means? It means that even if the finished product leaks out in the future, your competitors will not be able to copy it!”