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Chapter 3426: One must always honor a bet (2)

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So many people were jeering, weren’t they forcing her to admit defeat!

If she insisted on denying it, it meant that she could not afford to lose, which was a huge humiliation.

However, if she was asked to immediately admit to the the bet and swear that she would never approach Li Moying again, she couldn’t do it at all!

Li Leyun froze in place, staring at Huang Yueli fiercely, “You…don’t go too far! The bet at that time, right! You…you didn’t accept it at all?”

A burst of light flashed by in Li Leyun’s mind, and she suddenly recalled that at that time, Huang Yueli did not agree to bet with her at all, but said some high-sounding words about respecting and disrespecting Li Moying and rejected her.


However, later, Huang Yueli appeared at Grandmaster Xiao’s manor again.

Li Leyun felt that she would definitely win, so she deliberately brought up the bet before the competition, in fact, she was afraid that Huang Yueli would say that she had never agreed to bet, and deliberately used words to provoke her.

However, the loser had become Li Leyun herself!

She didn’t react for a while, but when she thought about it just now, she remembered her previous feelings.

“That’s right, I said that I want to bet with you that the loser can’t get close to Brother Moying! However, you clearly said at the time that Brother Moying is very important in your heart and can’t be used for betting. This is a disrespect to him! Isn’t that what you said? What? Now that you got the first place, you changed your mind? You can disrespect Brother Moying?!”

Everyone looked at Li Leyun with strange eyes.

This person actually said that others are were hypocritical. Who was more hypocritical and changed their minds faster?

Who couldn’t tell the truth of the matter? Hearing her words, wasn’t the truth pretty oblivious? At first, Li Leyun said she had made the bet with Huang Yueli, but now she says she didn’t bet when she lost!

However, if Huang Yueli really said that before, then she really can’t insist on letting Li Leyun fulfill the content of the wager…

After the everyone who were present had forcibly watched Li Leyun, they turned their heads and looked at Huang Yueli, waiting to see how she was going to answer.

“Hmm, I wonder if this is true, right?”

“Whether it’s true or not, the situation is so favorable to Madame Li. She will definitely insist that the bet exists!”

“That’s right, if it were me, I wouldn’t say that the bet doesn’t exist at this time. After all, when the two bet, there is not even a witness, and even if they say it, no one can prove it. Who would be like that? Stupid?”

The voices of the everyone’ discussions entered Li Leyun’s ears, her pupils instantly dilated and she became more nervous.

Yes, that damned little vixen can still deny it!

It can be said that she is empty talk and has no witnesses!

Thinking of this, Li Leyun was almost desperate.

But at this moment, Huang Yueli spoke up, and what she said was beyond everyone’s expectations.

“Young Miss Li is right. She came to me for a bet, but I didn’t accept it. Before the competition started today, Young Miss Li made a bet with me again, but I didn’t agree.”

As soon as these words came out, the hall suddenly became quiet.

No one expected that Huang Yueli would say such a thing!

Even Grandmaster Xiao stared at her with wide eyes, thinking she must be stupid!

Huang Yueli noticed the surprised gazes around her, and smiled slightly, “As Young Miss Li said just now, my husband is a priceless treasure in my heart, and he is a human being, not my property, so how can I bet on this?”