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Chapter 3423: Do You Still Remember that Bet?(10)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Yeah, Young Miss Li, what you said before and what you just said are completely opposite! Which one do you mean?”

“Tsk tsk, today I can learn what it means to let one’s tongue run away with him! Things that are good for you are true, otherwise they are false! Do you still have a basic conscience?”

“In such a short span of time, you don’t recognize what you yourself just said! Young Miss Li’s mannerism is really an eye-opener!”

Everyone connected the cause and effect of the incident and thought about it carefully. How could they not understand?

In particular, compared to Li Leyun’s self-contradiction, Huang Yueli had always been calm and never tried to influence the testimony of the two Spiritual Armament Masters.


When the situation was unfavorable to her, she didn’t say no to the two of them, she just asked them to describe the situation completely.