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Chapter 3424: Do You Still Remember that bet? (11)

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“Now, since the two Divine Generals have said so, this old man can’t help but give face…” Grandmaster Xiao was still a little angry, was holding on to his beard that was raised up in anger, “This is the end of today’s affairs. However, Young Miss Li Leyun, please do not think about stepping into any Sky Gem Glass Chamber in our Empyrean Fox Continent!”

Hearing Grandmaster Xiao’s words, Li Leyun was frightened.

If it hadn’t been for Li Yuntao and the others to intercede for her, and if Grandmaster Xiao really reported today’s matter to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber headquarters, then she would be out of luck.

Spiritual Armament Masters who have a criminal record at the headquarters will be treated differently. Many Spiritual Armament Masters cannot enjoy the privileges, and they cannot even participate in such competitions as today.

Now, Grandmaster Xiao had actually blacklisted Li Leyun Sky Gem Glass Chamber in the Empyrean Fox Continent. Of course, the consequences were quite serious, but it was better than being officially recorded by the headquarters.


Li Yuntao looked at Li Leyun’s pale face and glared at her, “Aren’t you going to step back?!”

Li Leyun took two steps back, suddenly stopped, and found someone standing behind her.

She was startled, and when she looked back, she found that Huang Yueli had come over at some point, and had been looking at her ashamed.

Li Leyun bit her lower lip so hard that it almost bled.

She knew that she could never cause trouble again at this time, she tried her best to hold back her anger, and wanted to walk past Huang Yueli.

However, seeing her step to the side, Huang Yueli also took a small step to the side, just blocking her way.

Li Leyun suddenly raised her head, “You… what do you want to do? Now that you are complacent, what else do you want?”

As soon as she opened her mouth, she found that her voice began to tremble.

Huang Yueli slowly raised the corners of her mouth and said, “Young Miss Li, are you leaving now? If I remember correctly, before the competition started today, Young Miss Li specially reminded me not to forget a certain bet. Hmm, have you forgotten it?”

Hearing this, Li Leyun’s face immediately became even more pale.

This was what she was really afraid of. What she was most afraid of was Huang Yueli bringing up this bet!

After Huang Yueli was proclaimed the winner, the biggest reason why Li Leyun had been entangled in this matter again and again, and even turned into a tangled mess and made a big fool, was simply because of this bet!

Originally, she didn’t mention Huang Yueli, but thought she had forgotten, and kept praying in her heart, hoping that Huang Yueli would never suddenly think of it!

As long as she doesn’t speak out on the occasion of so many people, and she refused to admit it afterwards, who else can Huang Yueli turn to? This was something only the two of them knew.

But who knows, she was just one step away!

Just a little bit, Li Leyun was about to leave the room, but at this juncture, Huang Yueli took out the bet and talked about it.

She didn’t say it sooner or later and had to be at this point in time!

Li Leyun almost fainted on the spot!

She glared at Huang Yueli angrily, “What bet? I don’t know what you’re talking about? Get out of the way, I’m leaving!”

Huang Yueli smiled and didn’t take her anger seriously at all, “Young Miss Li, is this… a noble person forgetting things? Do you need me to remind you?”

“What reminder? Reminder for what? You…you did win me this time and became the first place, but don’t go too far! You are talking nonsense here!”