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Chapter 3422: Do You Still Remember That bet? (9)

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No matter what, Li Leyun refused to admit defeat.

“She’s just a junior Spiritual Armament Master who has refined a Spirit Armament in half an hour. Tell me, do you believe it? It’s simply treating people as fools! There is obviously a problem here! Don’t be fooled by others. This is absolutely impossible for it to be true!”

Hearing this, many who were watching were stunned for a moment.

Actually, what Li Leyun said was not without reason.

The refining talent that Huang Yueli showed was really too abnormal.


When Grandmaster Xiao’s two disciples heard this, they were so angry that they almost jumped up on the spot!

“Young Miss Li, what do you mean? Are you saying that the two of us lied? We absolutely dare not make a false statement in front of Master!”

“Young Miss Li, you are the daughter of the dignified Ancient God Clan, how can you slander us like this? I can guarantee that everything we said just now is true! Lady Li has such strength, the facts are in front of you, it is useless if you don’t believe it! ”

“That’s right, the wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all! We have a clear conscience!”

After the two took turns to scold Li Leyun, they both turned to Grandmaster Xiao.

Grandmaster Xiao frowned slightly. In any case, he was more familiar with his two named disciples, and he was more inclined to believe their words.

Besides, Li Leyun didn’t even have any evidence and she just casually said that his apprentice lied. No Master would like to hear such words. Even if he had some doubts about his disciple’s words, he would not just stand by and do nothing. He did not hesitate and chose to stand on their side.

Grandmaster Xiao said in a deep voice: “Young Miss Li, these two disciples of mine have been diligent ever since they followed this old man, and have never done anything inappropriate. Besides, before today’s competition, they didn’t know Lady Li at all, so how could they help? What about her cheating? Are you saying that to imply that the old man is not strict?”

Seeing Grandmaster Xiao’s gloomy face, Li Leyun suddenly reacted and realized that she had said the wrong thing.

However, it was too late to regret it now, she had offended everyone!

Li Leyun’s face turned blue and white, and she was extremely embarrassed.

However, she also knew that since things have come to this point, she wanted to insist that Huang Yueli was cheating. If she can’t completely knock Huang Yueli out and can’t turn over, then the one who can’t turn over would be herself!

However, before Li Leyun could speak again, Huang Yueli, who had been silent all the time, suddenly spoke.

“Young Miss Li, you are really interesting. When these two Spiritual Armament Masters said that I was dozing off in the refining room, because the testimony was in your favor, you insisted that they could not lie. Didn’t you say it? Everyone heard it!”

“However, now that they have made it clear, they have proved my innocence, and the testimony is now in my favor, you immediately changed your words and said that what they said was a lie! Isn’t this correction too fast? Are you as forgetful at such a young age?”

As soon as these words came out, there were a few chuckles around.

When Huang Yueli mentioned this, the others also remembered it. Li Leyun offered to look for these two witnesses just now. Moreover, at that time, she even complimented Grandmaster Xiao, saying that his disciple were credible!

Now she suddenly turned her face, and in contrast to the two, what she just said was like hitting herself in the face.