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Chapter 3357: Business Sense (5)

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Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up upon hearing Grandmaster Xiao’s suggestion.

“This is indeed a good idea…” She immediately asked, “Then, Grandmaster Xiao, are you willing to cooperate with me on this business? I’m not exaggerating. The grade of these Spirit Armaments might be low, but earning 10 thousand jade quartz a year wouldn’t be any problem.”

Grandmaster Xiao shook his head as he laughed and said, “It’s not that I’m unwilling, but… if we’re talking about business, I know nothing about it! If your business is left in my hands, you can forget about earning money. Moreover, if you cooperate with me, I don’t have ready resources that can be used. We will end up using the resources from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber. Once we cooperate with the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, you can forget about gaining any benefits!”

Huang Yueli had second thoughts and realized that this was indeed logical.

If she wanted to find a business partner, not only would that person need to be able to sell these Spirit Armaments at a high value, but that person would also be responsible for refining so many Spirit Armaments.

A Sky Gem Grandmaster like Grandmaster Xiao usually didn’t bother about everyday affairs. Other than a few disciples, he didn’t find any other Spiritual Armament Masters to do this stuff. If he were to take on this business, he could only seek help from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber.

The Sky Gem Glass Chamber might be full of Spiritual Armament Masters and had a huge number of resources, but it was also exceptionally overbearing.

Both she and Grandmaster Xiao might be outstanding Spiritual Armament Masters, but in front of a large powerhouse like the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, they would also find it hard to be in the dominating position.

Huang Yueli frowned slightly and asked, “But other than the Sky Gem Glass Chamber and the allied armies, where else am I going to find so many Spiritual Armament Masters to refine the armaments?”

Grandmaster Xiao laughed. “You don’t need to worry about this. In reality, all the various forces in God Realm would nurture their own batch of Spiritual Armament Masters. These Spiritual Armament Masters were sponsored by the forces and they would also sign a contract with these forces, stating that they would refine a certain quantity of Spirit Armaments for those forces. So there are plenty of large forces who can cooperate with you. You can also choose the one that gives the best conditions and officially cooperate with them.”

Hearing Grandmaster Xiao’s analysis, Huang Yueli finally understood the whole picture.

At the same time, she swiftly made her calculations in her heart.

“If you put it in this way, this matter does seem very simple. My illustrations are only low grade standardized Spirit Armaments. I only need low rank Spiritual Armament Masters to refine them. I believe there are plenty of forces who fit into this condition…”

“But I can’t just look at the proportion of the cut in profits. This is my first time selling Spirit Armaments in God Realm that I’ve designed, so I must ensure each finished product has reached a superior quality. Only in this way can I make a name for me. In the future, when I promote other high grade Spirit Armaments, I will be able to sell them at an even higher price. Hence, the business partner’s armament refining standard must be put in first place…”

Huang Yueli silently thought about this for a while and said, “Grandmaster Xiao, many thanks for your pointers. I want to find a suitable business partner quickly, so I’ll have to trouble you to help me spread the word.”

Grandmaster Xiao nodded consecutively. “Don’t worry. I will make use of the Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s internal communication means to spread the word. Many people know about the news of the allied armies Headquarters looking for you to purchase the illustrations. If they find out that you’re looking for a business partner to sell these Spirit Armaments, there would be plenty of interested people! By then, you can slowly take your pick!”

Huang Yueli happened to hold the same view as Grandmaster Xiao’s plan.

She thanked him profusely and decided on the preliminary step for this matter.