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Chapter 3358: Fiancée? What A Joke (1)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

After Huang Yueli bade farewell to Grandmaster Xiao, she returned to where she stayed.

It was already evening time, and the sun was already setting in the west.

But Huang Yueli realized that Li Moying hadn’t returned after she got home.


When Huang Yueli heard the maid’s report, she couldn’t help but find it strange.

Other than accompanying her, Li Moying had spent the rest of his time cultivating in the room.

Even if he had some business and needed to go out occasionally, he would normally return before sunset. He had never been back later than her.

Huang Yueli waited for a while more. Only when the sky turned black did Li Moying’s travel-worn figure appear at the door.

“Moying, where did you go? Why are you so late tonight?” Huang Yueli noticed the tiredness on his face and couldn’t help but be worried.

She walked up to him and looked at the handsome man worriedly with widened eyes.

Li Moying pulled her into his arms and chuckled softly, “It’s nothing. Two Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Divine Generals from the allied armies happened to pass by Medial Arch City and insisted on meeting me. I originally didn’t plan to go, but they kept sending messengers to invite me. So I could only hurry over. I only managed to get away now.”

Huang Yueli came to a sudden realization but was surprised at the same time. “So, it’s someone from your clan? Since they are important seniors, you don’t have to insist on rushing back to accompany me. Just get someone to send me a message and that will do.”

Seeing Li Moying’s hurried look, Huang Yueli didn’t need to think too much to know that her husband had cast the two Divine Generals aside just to rush back and accompany her for dinner.

She was naturally very touched to see how much he valued her.

But she was also worried that Li Moying would make the seniors in his clan unhappy. She didn’t want to drag Li Moying down and affect his future.

Li Moying saw the adorable act of her wrinkling her nose and knew exactly what she was thinking.

He raised his hand and caressed Huang Yueli’s head, and his lips curled into a smile. “Why are you letting your imagination run wild? Both Divine Generals merely happened to pass by this place while they are on their way to conduct official business. They also have their matters to handle and have no time to ask me to stay for dinner. Otherwise, I was thinking of showing off my little wife to them!”

Hearing his words, Huang Yueli was at ease.

She held Li Moying’s palm and mumbled in a dissatisfied manner, “Don’t touch my head. My hair is messed up by you! Alright, it’s not early anymore and I’m hungry. Let’s quickly eat!”

Huang Yueli held her husband’s hand and walked into the room.

Looking at her slender and graceful back, a dim glow flashed across Li Moying’s eyes as he took a guilty, long breath.

During dinner time, Huang Yueli was still extremely excited.

Today, she had just sold those 17 illustrations and could be said to have gained a huge fortune overnight. Moreover, she also discussed with Grandmaster Xiao and decided on the preliminary proposal for the sale of those modified standardized Spirit Armaments.

These matters made her extremely happy, so the first person she wanted to tell was naturally her husband!

“… so, I just need to find a suitable business partner. The preliminary plan is there would be hundreds of thousands of low grade jade quartz of income every year in the future!”

As Huang Yueli spoke, her eyes suddenly widened and she leaned forward in front of Li Moying.

“… Moying, Moying! Are you listening to me?”

Li Moying was shocked by the delicate little face which had suddenly been magnified. “Ah! Li’er, you… what do you want to do?”