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Chapter 3356: Business Sense (4)

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Flame Square City was merely a small city on the edge of the Sacred Phoenix Continent. It was normal for any Spiritual Armament Master with genuine innate talent would want to leave that small place to head to large cities to seek out more opportunities and raise their Spirit Armament refining skills.

But Medial Arch City was Empyrean Fox Continent’s main city, and it was the place where large numbers of outstanding Spiritual Armament Masters gathered. Any Spiritual Armament Master would be able to find the things they desire in this place.

Huang Yueli had already made her name because of the 20 illustrations and was highly valued by Divine General Mu.

No matter how it was, she shouldn’t choose to leave this place, wasn’t it?

Huang Yueli didn’t explain further and firmly expressed that she would definitely leave shortly.

Grandmaster Xiao understood the meaning behind her words and didn’t delve further into this issue. He merely smiled and said, “Since that’s the case, Young Master Li doesn’t need to feel that it’s troublesome. Previously when we were over at Divine General Mu’s, we have seen you refine the Spirit Armaments and also learned your exclusive method. We have gained invaluable knowledge from it, so it’s not a big deal to help you teach a few young brats. Moreover, Divine General Mu would definitely pay us for it, so you need not mind so much.”

Hearing Grandmaster Xiao, Huang Yueli immediately became assured.

She thought for a moment and said, “There’s another matter… Since the allied armies had already consented for me to refine the Spirit Armaments for sale, I want to start this business as soon as possible. But I’ve thought over it and I can’t spend too much time refining low grade Spirit Armaments. I’m afraid that I have to look for someone else to refine these Spirit Armaments. I might even have to appoint someone to specially take charge of the sale of these Spirit Armaments… I wonder if Grandmaster Xiao has any suitable candidates?”

Ever since she left the allied armies branch, Huang Yueli had been thinking about this question.

20 different kinds of Spirit Armaments and each kind would have 100 pieces. It would be a total of 2 thousand pieces!

Although Huang Yueli’s refining speed was extremely fast, it would still take an entire year to refine such a large batch of Spirit Armaments.

But her Spirit Armament refining skills standard had increased quickly. Now she was able to refine mid grade Spirit Armaments. In the future, she would not be refining these low grade Spirit Armaments daily. Even if she could earn from these, she couldn’t waste the time in such a manner!

Adding on to the fact that she still had to put some energy into cultivation…

Huang Yueli poured over this and felt that she had to find someone reliable to handle this.

But she had just arrived in God Realm for a very short time and didn’t know too many people, not to mention people whom she could trust.

Grandmaster Xiao was one of them, and in this kind of matter, he definitely had the experience to do it.

Hence, Huang Yueli immediately came over to ask him for pointers.

Grandmaster Xiao’s eyes surfaced an envious glow when he heard that.

Huang Yueli was indeed capable to make the allied armies agree to her conditions!

This wasn’t only because the drawings that Huang Yueli took out were very good. It was also related to her carrot and stick negotiation tactics.

Grandmaster Xiao and the others had sold the Spirit Armament illustrations, but none of them managed to gain such an advantage when they did business with the allied armies!

He pondered for a moment and said, “I have an idea. If Young Master Li indeed doesn’t have time to handle this business, why don’t you find a partner to handle this business together?”

“Business partner?” Huang Yueli’s eyes widened as she thought of something.

Grandmaster Xiao said, “I’ve also done this kind of thing thousands of times in the past. It is very simple. Young Master Li, all you need to do is to supply the illustrations as dry stock while the other party is responsible for refining these Spirit Armaments. Moreover, that person will try to think of ways to sell it. After the sale, all you need to do is to split the profits accordingly.”