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Chapter 3327: Marvellous Illustration (1)

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His tone seemed to be treating her as someone on the same level as himself!

“This… how could this be possible?”

“This brat… could he really have such ability?”

No matter how Mu Mingjiang thought, he just felt that it was not possible.

Improving one’s Spirit Armament skills was different from cultivation in martial arts. Although innate talent was very important, the experience matters even more!

It could be said that all the Sky Gem Grandmasters including Grandmaster Xiao were all aged men with white hair. That was definitely not a coincidence!

How could a young Spirit Armament Master like Huang Yueli possibly make Grandmaster Xiao admire her so much?

Mu Mingjiang was puzzled but he didn’t say anything.

Standing on the side, he said, “Alright, since everyone has already been introduced, let’s not waste any more time and go straight into the main topic! Young Master Li, have you already brought all the illustrations that you’re going to sell?”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “That’s right. Previously when I was in Flame Square City, I made some modifications to 20 types of standardized low grade Spirit Armaments. Now, I burnt the midnight oil and completed the illustrations of these 20 Spirit Armaments.”

“20 illustrations!!”

The four Sky Gem Grandmasters revealed astonished looks when they heard this figure!

As experienced Spiritual Armament Masters, they knew how much energy they needed to spend just to modify one piece of Spirit Armament!

Even if it was just to modify one or two pieces, the Spiritual Armament Master would need to work through several days and nights continuously. This was under the pretext that they had a clear train of thoughts!

After the modification succeeded, drawing out the illustration was another meticulous piece of work. The Spiritual Armament Master had to label each point clearly and state the success rates of every step. These required a lot of experience and repeated testing before they could be completed.

Huang Yueli’s lips curled.

She might look relaxed, but she had worked extremely hard over the past few days.

Ever since she returned to Blessed City, she had been focusing fully on these illustrations. She couldn’t wish for anything more than to shut herself in the armament refining room all day!

If it wasn’t for Li Moying who kept staring at her, she might have long forgotten about having to eat or sleep!

Mu Mingjiang couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard she had drawn out all 20 illustrations.

Although he wasn’t a Spiritual Armament Master, he did have common sense.

“20 Spirit Armament illustrations! The total number of low grade standardized Spirit Armaments recorded is 20, and you’ve modified all of them? Moreover, you’ve also drawn out all the illustrations?”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Isn’t this what you requested? Previously when President Liu from Blessed City contacted me, he mentioned that the allied armies Headquarters needed the whole set of low grade Spirit Armament illustrations?”


Mu Mingjiang was speechless as his eyes opened wide, staring at Huang Yueli fixedly.

She was right because the allied armies Headquarters indeed needed the full set of illustrations.

But no one expected Huang Yueli to finish the entire set!

He originally thought that even if Huang Yueli could modify all 20 Spirit Armaments, it would take at least half to one year to confirm the illustrations.

He was already prepared to make Huang Yueli stay for this entire year and slowly finish this job.

In the end… she said this!

He thought, “Is he for real, or just treating me like a fool?”