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Chapter 3353: Business Sense (1)

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This time, it was two 6-star Divine Generals. Their positions were above Mu Mingjiang’s.

They came to Empyrean Fox Continent with two objectives.

One was to check on the three new kinds of Spirit Armament refining progress. The other was to announce the allied armies’ decision on the remaining seventeen illustrations.

Once Huang Yueli received the news, she brought the first batch of modified standardized Spirit Armaments that the low rank Spirit Armaments had refined and went to meet the two Divine Generals.

“These two boxes contain newly refined daggers. There are 50 pieces in each box, and there is a total of 100 pieces. These two boxes contain armors and each box has 20 pieces, making a total of 40 pieces. The last box contains wrist guards and there are only 30 pairs. Divine Generals, please take a look.”

Huang Yueli pointed at those five boxes and said calmly and unhurriedly. Then she indicated for those guards behind her to open the boxes.

The three Divine Generals stared blankly at the boxes which were filled to the brim and didn’t know how to react for a moment.

“These… are refined by those low rank Spiritual Armament Masters who were assigned to you previously?” After some time, Mu Mingjiang finally found his voice.

Huang Yueli nodded. “Time is a little pressing so the finished products are slightly lesser. Moreover, the majority of the quality isn’t very good. I chose for quite some time before picking out these better ones. But don’t worry. These Spiritual Armament Masters are still learning and they’re not very proficient now. That’s why their efficiency is so low. After some time, the speed of refining will be significantly increased.”

The two Divine Generals sent by the Headquarters widened their eyes. They were so stunned by Huang Yueli that they couldn’t say a single word at all.

From the day that Huang Yueli had sealed the deal with Mu Mingjiang, it had only been 20 days. Those low rank Spiritual Armament Masters, who had been gathered from various places, hurried to Medial Arch City and that took up some time as well.

The fastest group that arrived was merely 15 days ago.

The Divine Generals had heard that the illustrations that Huang Yueli brought were very different from the traditional methods of refining. It was equivalent to learning a new set of refining methods.

It was only a short period of 15 days. No one had been expecting these low rank Spiritual Armament Masters to refine any finished products at all!

Who knew that Huang Yueli actually took out five complete boxes of finished products?

Moreover, from what she had said, it seemed that this wasn’t the total. She had merely picked out the better ones!

In reality, the allied armies didn’t need the Spiritual Armament Masters to refine superior quality Spirit Armaments for every piece. Even if the quality was a little lacking, they could distribute it to lower-grade ordinary soldiers.

Moreover, based on the model Spirit Armament that had been refined from Huang Yueli’s modified illustrations, these weapons were originally much more powerful than ordinary Spirit Armaments. Even if it was of inferior quality, it was already not bad.

After some time, one of the Divine Generals said, “Young Master Li, you have already taught these low rank Spiritual Armament Masters in such a short time? And they even refined so many finished products?”

Huang Yueli nodded. “These Spiritual Armament Masters that you sent might be slightly lacking in innate talent but they are very hardworking and willing to learn. That’s why they can show some results.”

Hearing that, the three Divine Generals were speechless once again.

The allied armies had gone through careful selection and sent the most outstanding young Spiritual Armament Masters around the neighboring continents!

Almost all of them were armament refining geniuses!

But Huang Yueli actually said they were slightly lacking?