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Chapter 3326: He’s Too Young (5)

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“I’m the junior, so I should be the one to pay you a visit!”

“Haha, it’s the same, it’s the same! We Spiritual Armament Masters only research techniques and not about seniority! Moreover, it’s all thanks to you for telling me about the new kind of fusion method. That’s why I’ve achieved a breakthrough in my Spirit Armament skills recently.”

“Really? Congratulations to you then!”

“After we’ve completed the matters here, will Young Master Li be interested to head over to This Old Man’s residence to see the new Treasure Armament that I’ve newly refined?”

“There’s no need to ask. Of course, I’m interested!”

Huang Yueli started to chat excitedly with Grandmaster Xiao the minute they met.

Mu Mingjiang and the other remaining four Sky Gem Grandmasters by the side were totally stunned.

A moment later, one of the Grandmasters couldn’t help but interrupt their conversation.

“Grandmaster Xiao, is this the Young Master Li Yuehuang whom you had mentioned previously? Why don’t you introduce him to us?”

It was at this moment that Grandmaster Xiao came back to his senses from his excitement. He fiddled with his white beard and said laughingly, “Haha, oh my! I nearly forgot the official business!”

“Young Master Li, these few here are the top Sky Gem Grandmasters from the Empyrean Fox Continent’s Sky Gem Glass Chamber. In terms of armament refining standards, they are all on top of the charts in the entire God Realm! Moreover, all of them have signed an agreement with the allied armies that they would coordinate with the allied armies from time to time to complete their missions. These people here namely Grandmaster Han and Grandmaster Yuan are proficient in refining armor. Grandmaster Liu is skillful in concealed weapons, and this is Grandmaster Wang who is proficient in Spirit Artifacts!”

Grandmaster Xiao introduced them from left to right, personally pointing out every single person to Huang Yueli. At the same time, he also briefly mentioned what kind of Spirit Armament they were most skillful in refining.

Huang Yueli nodded consecutively and cupped her hands at them in greeting.

These few old men looked aloof and arrogant. Their gazes towards Huang Yueli were also filled with vigilance.

But Huang Yueli knew the tempers of most Spiritual Armament Masters and their nature were more aloof than others.

The first time she met Grandmaster Xiao, his attitude wasn’t any better than the four of them! Li Leyun was a dainty talented young lady, but she was swept out of the door by Grandmaster Xiao mercilessly!

However, these Spiritual Armament Masters were still cute by nature.

Because as long as one had outstanding skills and could convince them in Spirit Armament marts, they would immediately change into another person and treat you passionately!

An example would be Grandmaster Xiao.

Grandmaster Xiao turned and looked at the four Grandmasters, then said, “My brothers, this is Young Master Li Yuehuang, whom I had always mentioned! Young Master Li is one of the most outstanding armament refining geniuses that I’ve ever met!”

Grandmaster Xiao’s evaluation of Huang Yueli was extremely high.

But the four Grandmasters’ attitudes were still rather reserved. They merely nodded at her and did not say anything.

Huang Yueli didn’t think much of it.

But Mu Mingjiang who was watching them from the side was thoroughly stunned at this moment!

He simply did not expect Grandmaster Xiao to adore Huang Yueli to this extent!

If it really had to say, Grandmaster Xiao’s Spirit Armament refining standard was much higher than the other four Grandmasters. He could be said to be the Number One Spirit Armament Master in Empyrean Fox Continent, and his name was widespread in the entire God Realm!

Moreover, Grandmaster Xiao had always been a haughty person. Even when facing a 4-star Divine General like him, Grandmaster Xiao would not show him much respect.

But now, when he saw the young brat Li Yuehuang, Grandmaster Xiao actually… spoke to him so courteously and with so much passion!