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Chapter 3325: He’s Too Young (4)

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Divine General Mu’s self-introduction highlighted his identity.

Huang Yueli had already guessed the rough situation from the crowd’s reaction and the guard’s speech.

But the meaning of it was different when it came from Divine General Mu’s mouth.

This proved that Divine General Mu was already being led by the nose by Huang Yueli.

She knew this point clearly and was aware that she was at an advantage, so she decisively walked back.

She cupped her hands at Mu Mingjiang and said, “I have already introduced myself earlier. I am Li Yuehuang, and I’m a low rank Spiritual Armament Master from Sacred Phoenix Continent. The illustrations that the allied armies Headquarters want to purchase are drawn by me! I wonder how much is the allied armies intending to offer now?”

Although Mu Mingjiang was run on a bank by her and was on the losing end in the first round of confrontation.

But he felt rather discomfited inwardly.

Hence, he didn’t immediately offer a price. Instead, he snorted coldly and swept a glance at Huang Yueli. Then he answered in a lukewarm tone, “It seems a little too early to talk about the pricing! This Divine General has to first ensure that your Spirit Armaments illustrations are worth the price which the allied armies are going to purchase! Although that batch of Spirit Armaments that Grandmaster Xiao showed indeed had great quality, that doesn’t represent that the illustrations you give us can be refined with such good effects as well! I must check on it first!”

Mu Mingjiang might sound impolite, but that was indeed the truth.

An illustration was still an illustration and a sample was a sample. No matter how well made the sample was, that would be because it was crafted by Huang Yueli herself.

Whereas for these standardized Spirit Armaments, if they were to be produced in masses in the future, the Spiritual Armament Master who was going to manufacture them would vary on different standards.

No one knew if ordinary Spiritual Armaments Masters would be able to refine the same kind of result.

If it had to be a Sky Gem Grandmaster’s standard to make the crucial techniques of the illustrations word, then the value of usability of these illustrations would not be too high!

Huang Yueli thought it was just normal for the allied armies’ side to have such considerations.

So she coolly nodded and said, “Alright, I can understand that point! Then, may I ask Divine General Mu, how are you intending to check on this?”

Mu Mingjiang said, “I heard that you are coming today. So This Divine General has already invited five famous Sky Gem Grandmasters in Empyrean Fox Continent to our residence as guests. Come with me to meet them and they shall assess your illustrations personally!”

Since Mu Mingjiang had invited professionals, Huang Yueli naturally had no objections.

Moreover, she was rather curious to see who those famous five Sky Gem Grandmasters in Empyrean Fox Continent were.

Huang Yueli followed Mu Mingjiang to one of the rooms in the back and when she walked in, she saw someone familiar.

“Grandmaster Xiao! We haven’t met in a long time!” Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up.

Huang Yueli had a favorable impression of Grandmaster Xiao. This Sky Gem Grandmaster was entirely absorbed into the art of refining Spirit Armaments and wasn’t interested in fighting for power. Moreover, he had indeed rendered her great help and also imparted her a lot of knowledge on Spirit Armament skills.

Originally, Huang Yueli was intending to find a chance to visit Grandmaster Xiao.

She didn’t expect to run into him here.

When Grandmaster Xiao saw Huang Yueli, he also showed a joyous and surprised expression. “It’s Young Master Li! You’ve indeed come to Medial Arch City! I heard you were coming, so I especially stayed back in Medial Arch City for a couple more days!”

So, Grandmaster Xiao had specially made this trip to meet her.

Huang Yueli was instantly very touched. “Grandmaster Xiao, you’re too kind!”