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Chapter 3324: He’s Too Young (3)

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Divine General Mu was usually very high and mighty, so he usually thought nothing of ordinary people.

Of course, his attitude towards a top Sky Gem Grandmaster like Grandmaster Xiao was rather polite.

But to him, Huang Yueli was merely a low rank Spiritual Armament Master who wasn’t worth mentioning at all. So he didn’t expect Huang Yueli to leave immediately upon disagreement.

Moreover, under the encirclement of so many Heart Profound Realm practitioners, she remained calm and composed without any change in her emotions, as though their suppressions did not affect her at all.

Realizing this, Divine General Mu was rather surprised and saw her in a new light.

“When did this Divine General use my authority to suppress anyone? The purchase of the standardized Spirit Armaments illustrations is a very important transaction to us, the allied armies. So This Divine General must check carefully! I merely asked you a few questions and you’re acting so agitatedly. What kind of logic is this? Could it be that these illustrations really aren’t drawn out by you? Otherwise, why can’t you answer my questions properly?”

Divine General Mu easily pushed the responsibility aside, as he interrogated Huang Yueli once again.

From the moment she stepped in, Divine General My had been showing a distrustful attitude towards her.

Huang Yueli smiled disapprovingly and said, “After I came here, Sir didn’t even introduce yourself. So how am I supposed to know who you are or if you can be responsible for this transaction? Since you are responsible for managing the allied armies’ resources transaction, then you should know that we Spiritual Armament Masters’ skills must be kept a secret. If I can’t be certain of your identity, how can I answer you casually?”

“This…” Divine General Mu was at a loss for words.

He indeed had not introduced himself.

From the moment Huang Yueli walked in, Divine General My only felt that she was a little too young, which was different from all the past Spiritual Armament Masters whom the allied armies had transacted with in the past!

Moreover, she was just a low rank Spiritual Armament Master. In the past, those who came would be at least a high rank Spiritual Armament Master. The majority of them were even Sky Gem Grandmasters.

Divine General Mu’s first reaction was that Huang Yueli was merely a messenger. Perhaps she was the disciple of the Grandmaster who designed those modified standardized Spirit Armaments. Hence his attitude towards her was rather impolite.

Now, Huang Yueli caught hold of this point to rebuke him. It actually left Divine General Mu speechless.

Because Sky Gem Grandmasters indeed treated their designed Spirit Armaments as a trade secret. Each one of them would not spread their talons if they did not see the prey!

But this fellow was just a low rank Spiritual Armament Master…

How dare he act so arrogantly as well?

For an instant, Divine General Mu had intended to chase this fellow out!

But the allied armies Headquarters valued this transaction highly. They spent a great deal of effort tracking down the designer.

He had also personally seen the samples that Grandmaster Xiao supplied and knew the value of these Spirit Armaments to be exceptional.

Hence, the allied armies Headquarters send an order for him to purchase these Spirit Armaments illustrations in every possible way. They didn’t mind spending a huge amount of money and military merits…

If this transaction didn’t go well, Divine General Mu would have a hard time in the future.

Thinking of this, he could only force himself to endure. Then he said, “This Divine General was indeed too hasty earlier and had forgotten about it! You are really troublesome. I am the allied armies Empyrean Fox Continent’s Lieutenant General of the Division Guards, Mu Mingjiang. I am fully responsible for purchasing these modified standardized Spirit Armaments illustrations this time!”