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Chapter 3323: He’s Too Young (2)

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When Huang Yueli heard his question, she couldn’t help but go into a blank.

Back in Blessed City’s Sky Gem Glass Chamber, when she heard President Liu’s tone, it seemed as though the allied armies’ side wanted to purchase that batch of standardized Spirit Armaments.

So she didn’t expect the person from the allied armies who was responsible for negotiating with her to show such an arrogant attitude!

She lifted her chin and answered in neither a servile nor overbearing manner. “This Lord, if you are referring to the modified standardized Spiritual Armaments from Grandmaster Xiao, then those are indeed refined by me. I thought the allied armies needed these Spirit Armaments, hence I especially rushed over to Medial Arch City. But it looks like the allied armies aren’t sincere to negotiate. Just treat it that I’ve made a wasted trip. I won’t waste your time any longer. Goodbye!”

After that, Huang Yueli immediately turned around and left.

If this transaction went through, she indeed would be able to earn a huge sum of money.

But Huang Yueli did not intend to talk to someone who acted so haughtily. From his attitude, he was probably waiting for her to wait for her to bend her knees to beg him before the business transaction went through.

She had no intention to suffer this injustice just to earn that bit of money!

After all, as long as she had the skill to refine those Spirit Armaments, she could find plenty of other buyers. Even if the other forces weren’t as rich as the allied armies, she had a way to sell it at a satisfactory price.

Hearing Huang Yueli’s words, the middle-aged practitioner who was originally filled with doubt became a little stunned.

Before he could react, he realized that Huang Yueli had already turned around and left without turning back!

In a blink of an eye, she was already stepping out of the main door!

“Come back!” He barked sharply.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t even stall in her steps, not to mention turn back to look at him.

The middle-aged practitioner became furious and slammed hard on the table. At the same time, he howled, “Men, stop that arrogant brat for This Divine General!”

The allied armies were stationed with numerous allied armies soldiers. Practically every corner was full of guards.

Hearing that middle-aged practitioner’s command, dozens of guards ran in Huang Yueli’s direction to stop her.

Huang Yueli stopped as her gaze swept past those soldiers.

They were indeed a bunch who were capable of remaining in the allied armies. These soldiers were in Dream Profound Realm peak state or Heart Profound Realm early-phase cultivations. If they were in the frontline campsites, they were sufficient to be assigned as Commanders.

Even with so many top experts blocking her, Huang Yueli’s expression remained unchanged.

She turned around, lifting an eyebrow, and looked at the middle-aged practitioner once again.

“May I ask what can I do for you, Sir? Weren’t you uninterested in purchasing the Spirit Armament illustrations? Then why can’t I leave? May I ask which military regulation I go against? Is it worth Sir sending someone to block and capture me?”

The middle-aged practitioner had not yet replied when a guard in front of Huang Yueli couldn’t stand hearing it any longer.

He stared at Huang Yueli fiercely and barked, “Impetuous! How dare you speak to Divine General Mu in such a manner! You are simply too much!”

Huang Yueli thought pensively upon hearing that.

This middle-aged practitioner was indeed a Divine General! If his surname was Mu, he should be from the Jade Toad Clan.

The allied armies sent a Divine General to deal with her illustrations, so shouldn’t they value this matter highly? Then why was this Divine General Mu acting so impolitely to her?

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli sneered.

“What I said was just the truth, so why can’t I talk like this? Why? Are you Sir, intending to use your authority to pressure others?”