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Chapter 3322: He’s Too Young (1)

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They set off in the afternoon and by evening time, Li Moying’s flying ship had already descended on the suburbs of Medial Arch City.

As it was already dark, they secretly sneaked into the city and settled down in one of Cloudy Qilin Clan’s properties.

Their journey had been extremely smooth, with also many guards to serve them. Li Moying couldn’t bear to let his wife suffer, even a little.

As compared with the previous days where she had experienced days of being on the run after her ascension, Huang Yueli sighed emotionally.

“My dear husband, you treat me the best!” She didn’t forget to show her love to her husband while feeling touched.

Li Moying snorted coldly, “Isn’t that obvious? Did you just realize that I am good to you today? You ungrateful lass!”

He lowered his head, thinking of “lecturing” his wife. But in the end, a pair of small hands stretched out to stop his lips.

“No way, we can’t today! I have to meet the allied armies’ top management tomorrow! President Liu said the one who will be meeting me is a Divine General, and I must make sure that I have sufficient sleep so that I have the energy to talk terms with him! I need to earn money to make our living!”

Li Moying was speechless.

When they were in Soaring Heavens Continent, Huang Yueli kept hooting that she needed to earn money to support him. Of course, she really did it in the end…

Now that they came to God Realm, this young lass’s ideals had not changed at all…

To tell the truth, Li Moying always felt that something wasn’t quite right about this sentence and it seemed to be reversed? Moreover, he didn’t think that he needed his wife to earn their living.

But Huang Yueli didn’t detect his internal strife.

She stretched out a hand and patted Li Moying’s shoulder. “Alright, quickly go get some sleep! After I’ve raked in the riches, I’ll refine a top tier Holy Armament that’s even more amazing than the Sky Phoenix Ring!!”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting!” Li Moying burst out in laughter.

Huang Yueli kept running about in the flying ship and had been excited for an entire day. Now, she was finally tired out. Leaning on his chest, she quickly fell asleep.

On the second day morning, Huang Yueli woke up early in the morning, completed her disguise, and was just about to go out.

Before she left, she didn’t forget to instruct. “I don’t know how long I will stay in the Divine General’s residence. If I’m back late, you don’t need to be too anxious.”

Li Moying nodded and said, “Bring Tian Yi along. If anything happens, you must get him to look for me immediately!”

“I know!” Huang Yueli smiled at him sweetly, waved her hand, and turned to leave.

Medial Arch City was Empyrean Fox Continent’s main city, and it was an extremely magnificent large city. It was much larger than Blessed City which was a frontier fortress.

The Ennead Jingles Sky Pavilion where the Empyrean Fox Clan descendants stayed was located in the southern part of Medial Arch City.

As for Medial Arch City itself, it was an extremely popular place and the most important center of the entire Empyrean Fox Continent.

God Realm’s allied armies’ Empyrean Fox Continent’s Headquarters was right in the middle of Medial Arch City, and it was extremely luxurious. From afar, it appeared to be very imposing.

Huang Yueli roughly explained the reason for her arrival and showed the guards her Spiritual Armament Master badge.

Shortly after, she was ushered into the main hall.

In the center of the main hall sat a good-looking middle-aged practitioner. He gave off a strong aura and on one look, one could tell that his cultivation was in the Dao Profound Realm end-phase.

Huang Yueli hurriedly cupped her fists in greeting. “This Lord, I am Li Yuehuang. Previously, President Liu sent me a letter saying that the allied armies intend to purchase some of my illustrations.”

The middle-aged practitioner looked down and glanced at her. Very quickly, he frowned.

“You’re Li Yuehuang? Are those modified standardized weapons really designed by you?”