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Chapter 3268: The Real Main Character (3)

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He turned around and introduced them to Xuan Jiuling. “Lord Xuan, you should have heard of him. He is Jing Shaoyuan from the White Tiger Clan, one of the top heaven grade geniuses among those in the White Tiger Clan. He is one of the Divine Lieutenants under my charge and has been with me for the past six months. His military merits are outstanding.”

Meng Shurong paused for a moment, then pointed at Lan Mengqing. “This lady here is Empyrean Fox Clan’s Number One Beauty, Lan Mengqing! She is Jing Shaoyuan’s fiancée! The two of them are one of the most famous pairs among the youngsters in God Realm. Not only are both of them heaven grade geniuses, but they are also talented and good-looking. They’re truly a match made in heaven!”

Meng Shurong was unable to conceal the delight and praise in his tone when he introduced them.

One could tell that he was extremely happy for his subordinate to have such an outstanding fiancée.

Xuan Jiuling couldn’t help but take another look at them after hearing the introduction.

Such an eye-catching pair of lovers with that kind of innate talent was indeed rare. Even Xuan Jiuling sighed with envy over the destiny that this couple shared.

“Looking at the two of you reminded This Divine General of my younger days! Back then, my wife and I have not gotten married yet. I was stationed on the frontline and my fiancée would also visit me in the city where I was stationed! It’s so nice to see the two of you so loving!”

Xuan Jiuling nodded satisfactorily. “Your name is Jing Shaoyuan? Indeed a rare talented practitioner! Cultivate hard and you can look forward to a bright future soon!”

As they were pleasing to his eye, Xuan Jiuling generously gave Jing Shaoyuan a few words of praise.

Jing Shaoyuan felt extremely elated!

Receiving an evaluation of a “bright future” from a top exponent like Xuan Jiuling would surely put him in the limelight. He believed that all the younger generation in the crowd would be extremely jealous of him!

In reality, that was exactly so.

Jing Shaoyuan and Lan Mengqing had originally attracted a lot of attention. Moreover, Xuan Jiuling was the focus of tonight’s banquet. Their cordial exchange was something that everyone witnessed.

When they saw Xuan Jiuling speaking so courteously to them, and even praising Jing Shaoyuan that he was a genius with a bright future, many of them almost spat out blood from anger!

Earlier, many braced themselves and went up to greet Xuan Jiuling. But Xuan Jiuling didn’t even look the majority of them in the eye. He merely nodded at a few officers who bore the ranks of Divine Lieutenants.

His attitude could be said to be as cold as an iceberg!

Of course, to a top exponent like Xuan Jiuling, showing this kind of attitude to ordinary practitioners was also a great show of his magnitude!

After all, God Realm was a place where the strong were respected!

Xuan Jiuling and ordinary practitioners were a world of difference!

But an aloof top exponent like Xuan Jiuling actually praised Jing Shaoyuan and Lan Mengqing in such a manner!

The banquet hall’s young practitioners felt jealous. But they knew that this was something they could never hope for!

After all, the other party was so young and so talented. Moreover, he even had a gorgeous, ravishing beautiful fiancée!

Just as Jing Shaoyuan was holding Lan Mengqing’s hand delightfully and walking past the crowd, an attendant’s voice suddenly came from the banquet hall’s door.

“Lord Xuan, Divine General Sir, Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Master Li has arrived!”

“What? Young Master Li is here? Quick, quickly invite him in!”

Hearing Li Moying’s name, Meng Shurong could no longer sit still. He hurriedly got his men to welcome him in!

Even Xuan Jiuling also looked at the banquet hall’s entrance with an anticipative look in his eyes!