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Chapter 3269: The Real Main Character (4)

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It wasn’t only the two of them. All the guests in the banquet hall also turned towards the entrance.

Everyone was waiting in anticipation for today’s main character to appear!

After a while, Li Moying’s silhouette appeared from the end of the corridor.

To express his respect toward Xuan Jiuling, Li Moying put on a set of formal attire. The navy blue long robe on him accented his cold, noble temperament. The gold lining on his sleeve and collar completely revealed his mysterious side.

Of course, other than his dressing, the most attractive part of him was his ageless, handsome countenance!

Li Moying’s looks, even in God Realm, could not be matched. No matter where he went, he would catch multiple young ladies’ eyes.

Especially that pair of naturally seductive peach blossom eyes, The sparkle in the depths of his eye was as deep as the sea like a bottomless vortex that mindlessly captured the young ladies’ hearts.

Seeing Li Moying’s sudden appearance, the entire banquet hall instantly broke out in a clamor.


“Ah, this… this is Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Li Moying? He’s simply too… too handsome! I’ve never seen any man who looks more handsome than him!”

“Superficial! How can you just look at a man’s face only? I heard that Young Master Li is God Realm’s only god grade genius!”

“What? God… god grade genius!! Isn’t it said that there haven’t been any god grade geniuses in the past ten thousand years?”

“That’s right, but Young Master Li is that god grade genius in the past ten thousand years! Moreover, he had just ascended from the Lower Realm in under two years. He hasn’t even mastered the clan’s secret techniques and already killed the Demon Tribe’s Rui Ze who is in Sky Devil mid-phase stage! Blessed City’s encirclement is henceforth lifted! This banquet is held for him under Lord Xuan Jiuling’s name!” Someone who knew the inside story explained.

The informant’s explanation made those young ladies, who were smitten, draw in breaths of cold air!

“Heavens! Young Master Li is actually that incredible!”

“How could there be such a perfect man? No matter if it was in terms of looks, ability, or status, no one can match up to him! If I can marry a man like him, I will laugh in my dreams!”

“Haha, keep dreaming then! There must be many talented young ladies who want to marry Young Master Li. It will never be your turn!”

Multiple voices kept ringing in discussions.

It wasn’t only the young ladies, even the men were attracted by Li Moying’s noble and overbearing temperament. All the younger generation practitioners automatically took him to be their idol.

Amid the praises, only one person shivered with anger.

That person was Jing Shaoyuan!

Originally, Jing Shaoyuan was immersed in the crowd’s envious discussions and he was in a delightful mood. But hearing the name “Li Moying”, everyone’s attention shifted away from him and Lan Mengqing!

They even forgot about their existence!

Ever since Li Moying made his appearance, who could still recall him, Jing Shaoyuan?

Jing Shaoyuan turned his head around angrily, wanting to grumble to Lan Mengqing.

However, that fiancée, whom he had been proud of, was doing the same thing as the other young ladies in the banquet hall. She lifted her head and stared at Li Moying without blinking.

She even extended her neck forward, seemingly hoping that Li Moying would notice her.