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Chapter 3267: The Real Main Character (2)

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The two of them linked arms and walked through the crowd. All the guests who came to the banquet couldn’t help but look at them.

“Quick, take a look! That beautiful woman there is really gorgeous. I wonder which family’s young miss does she come from?”

“Yes, she’s… she’s really beautiful!”

“Simply ravishing!”

For tonight’s banquet, Lan Mengqing paid careful attention to her makeup since noon. She ensured every inch on her was flawless before she came over with Jing Shaoyuan to the Divine General residence.

Her efforts did not go to waste. The moment she entered the door, she received numerous praises.

Especially those young allied armies officers and God clan’s disciples, their eyes were glued to her!

Towards everyone’s praises and attentive gazes, Lan Mengqing was long accustomed to it. In fact, she thoroughly enjoyed the attention that everyone was giving her.

Standing next to her, Jing Shaoyuan stretched out his arm.

Lan Mengqing reciprocated and immediately wrapped her hand around his arm. Then they walked hand-in-hand into the banquet hall.

Seeing a man appearing beside this gorgeous beauty, those young men who had fallen head over heels for Lan Mengqing were all crushed. In fact, they were a little unconvinced.

However, after they realized that the man beside Lan Mengqing was Jing Shaoyuan, everyone went into a daze.

“Hmm? The man beside that beauty… seems to be Divine Lieutenant Jing? Why would Divine Lieutenant Jing…”

Hearing that, those practitioners who knew the inside story burst into laughter. “You don’t know about this? This young lady is Divine Lieutenant Jing’s fiancée, Empyrean Fox Clan’s Number One Beauty Lan Mengqing! These two are the top geniuses among the younger generation in ancient God clans. One is a talented man, and the other is a ravishing beauty. There are plenty of people who envies them!”

Someone immediately replied, “No wonder. I heard about this previously. White Tiger Clan’s Young Master Jing is holding the post of Divine Lieutenant in the allied armies, and he is stationed in Blessed City! I also heard that he had once killed a Sky Devil early-phase practitioner? I didn’t expect him to be so young! He’s indeed a young hero!”

“Isn’t that so? Well, we humans just can’t compare with each other! Young Master Jing is so young, but he possesses such powerful strength. He could even marry a gorgeous beauty like Young Miss Mengqing. I really envy him!”

“There’s no point for you to envy him. A talented beauty like Young Miss Lan is a noble young lady. So only Young Master Jing is worthy of her!”

The guests had intentionally suppressed their voices while talking but Jing Shaoyuan and Lan Mengqing’s cultivations weren’t weak. So they heard their conversations loud and clear.

For a moment, the two of them felt extremely delighted.

Every time they went out together, they would hear this kind of praise and discussion.

This made them feel as if they were a natural winner.

No matter if it was ability, status, looks, or even feelings, they were a perfect pair. No one could find any flaw in them, and everyone would always look at them with admiration and envy…

Jing Shaoyuan felt extremely delighted. The shadow caused by Li Moying and Jun Sihan had faded a lot.

Holding Lan Mengqing’s hand, they walked to Meng Shurong.

At this moment, Meng Shurong was accompanying Xuan Jiuling and reporting Blessed City’s military situation to him.

“Divine General Sir, Divine General Xuan, This Subordinate Jing Shaoyuan had brought my fiancée, Lan Mengqing, to send our greetings!”

Meng Shurong turned around. When he saw this matching couple, a faint smile flashed past his eyes.