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Chapter 3266: The Real Main Character (1)

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If she didn’t have the skills, the allied armies Headquarters wouldn’t be searching so desperately for her to purchase her illustrations.

But now, Huang Yueli said that she had a way to further modify those Spirit Armaments!

“This… is this even possible?”

If the person who was going to modify the Spirit Armaments was an esteemed Sky Gem Grandmaster like Grandmaster Xiao, President Liu might be able to accept this.

But now, the person who was going to complete the modification was a young low rank Spiritual Armament Master like Huang Yueli!

President Liu simply did not believe her. This was simply too heaven-defying and too hard to imagine!

However, Huang Yueli’s confident look made it difficult for anyone to not believe in her.

President Liu warned her again. “Since you are so confident, I will relay it word for word to the allied armies Headquarters. But you must know that if you are just boasting and if the army side exposes you, the consequences are something that you are unable to take.”

Huang Yueli’s expression remained unchanged and there was still a faint smile hanging on her lips. “Thank you for the reminder, but… since I can say this, I am naturally certain about it!”

When Huang Yueli was conversing with President Liu, the sky gradually started to darken.

Li Moying was originally waiting in the courtyard for Huang Yueli to return home so that he could inform her to go to the Divine General residence to attend the banquet.

However, he waited so long that the sky had already turned dark and the banquet was about to start. But there was still no trace of the young lass.

Li Moying started to become anxious and instructed, “Tianer, go check out what is Young Madam up to? She promised to return home for dinner. Why hasn’t she turned up yet?”

Li Tianer obeyed his command, not daring to waste any time at all. He immediately activated his body movement Profound Skills and sped off.

Not long after, he returned and bowed while reporting, “Young Master Moying, This Subordinate has found Brother Tianyi. He is still waiting outside the Sky Gem Glass Chamber! It’s said that Young Madam did not come out after she entered the Sky Gem Glass Chamber since noon. Brother Tianyi is not skilled in mechanisms so he doesn’t know how to go in. Hence he could only wait outside.”

“What? This lass really… she forgot the time because of armaments again. She even forgot what she had promised me!”

Li Moying was extremely melancholic. He couldn’t wait to “lecture” his heartless little fox in the bedroom until she behaved!

But based on his past experience, even if he did “lecture” her, she probably wouldn’t behave much…

Li Moying wasn’t too concerned about Huang Yueli’s safety. It was because there was generally no danger in a place like the Sky Gem Glass Chamber.

But seeing that the banquet was about to start, he started to become a little anxious.

If it was a banquet organized by Meng Shurong, he could choose not to attend. But now, the banquet was organized under Xuan Jiuling’s name.

Before Li Moying had fully grown up, he did not want to offend those top exponents on the Profound Sky Chart like him.

He thought for a moment and instructed, “Tianer, wait right here. I’ll bring Tiansan and Tiansi along to attend the banquet. If Li’er comes back, tell her where I went. If she’s willing to come, then you shall accompany her to the Divine General residence to look for me. If she’s not willing, then forget about it.”

Li Tianer bowed in response.

Li Moying led the other two guards and hurriedly rushed to the Divine General residence.

At this moment, plenty of guests had already gathered in the Divine General residence.

Jing Shaoyuan made up his mind to take this opportunity to be in the limelight. Hence he arrived exceptionally early.

He brought Lan Mengqing along and received numerous gazes of envy.