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Chapter 3265: You’re Li Yuehuang! (6)

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President Liu was stunned. He totally did not expect an innocent youngster like Huang Yueli to make such a shrewd bargain with him in the blink of an eye!

Moreover, she immediately pointed out the vital point!

To tell the truth, President Liu originally felt that 200 thousand low grade jade quartz for an illustration was indeed a little too low.

From his point of view, it was almost enough for Huang Yueli to add another 30 to 50 thousand to the pricing.

However, from her tone, it seemed that she was intending… to increase it to 10 times the price?

This time, even President Liu who was best at bargaining became a little stunned. He felt inferior to her!

“This… this…” President Liu wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Grandmaster Li, what you say is logical, but if the asking price is too high, it will be difficult for me to discuss this with the allied armies.”

President Liu originally wanted to be Huang Yueli’s representative.

Although he wasn’t able to profit as a middleman from this transaction, this was considered a major credit. So there would definitely be a reward from the allied armies.

But now that Huang Yueli was asking for so much, he felt that he wasn’t able to hold on any longer…

Huang Yueli saw his anxious look and her lips curled upwards. “President Liu, don’t be so anxious. I don’t need you to help me discuss this transaction. Since you say a lot of the higher management in the allied armies are interested in my Spirit Armament illustrations, then can I trouble you to help me contact them. I’ll personally discuss it with them myself!”

“This….” President Liu hesitated for a moment. “It will take time for the Headquarters to send someone over. Moreover, the price they offer might not necessarily be higher than what I have estimated…”

President Liu had done lots of transactions with the allied armies, so he roughly knew about their way of handling things.

Although the quote was considered fair, if the demand was too ridiculous or if they tried to raise the price, the other party would not give in.

After all, the allied armies were one of the strongest forces in God Realm. If they really wanted to coerce or force Spiritual Armament Masters to work for them, there was nothing they could do.

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry about this. As long as the allied armies send someone who can call the shots over, I will naturally discuss the deal with them.”

“But what if the allied armies Headquarters aren’t willing to come?” President Liu couldn’t help but ask.

Huang Yueli smiled nonchalantly, “Then just tell them that the Spirit Armaments that I refined a month ago are not the best proposals. I have an even better idea to use even cheaper materials to refine the Spirit Armaments, but yet not decrease the might. Based on my proposal, these Spirit Armaments’ final cost could be reduced by half!”

“W… What??”

Hearing that, President Liu abruptly stood up from his seat!

His sleeve accidentally brushed past the table, sweeping the teacup on the floor.

“Grandmaster Li, you… is what you said true?? Those Spirit Armaments can still be modified?”

Huang Yueli smiled and nodded. “I won’t dare to lie to the allied armies Headquarters. It’s not as if I want to die! Anyway, I will be staying in Blessed City for a little longer, and I will draw out the Spirit Armament illustration during this time. I will also give you one piece as a sample. I believe that when the allied armies Headquarters sees my illustration, they will immediately send someone over!”

President Liu’s eyes widened as he stared fixedly at Huang Yueli, unable to say a single word at all!

Although he had not seen those Spirit Armaments that Huang Yueli had previously refined, just based on rumors alone, he could tell how fascinating it was!