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Chapter 3264: You’re Li Yuehuang! (5)

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President Liu smiled when he heard that.

“I knew it. Young people like you are easily embarrassed! There’s actually no need to be so modest in this kind of thing! The allied armies Headquarters are wealthy, so just quote them a price. Since they want your valuable illustrations, how can they not give you sufficient benefits?”

“Ughh… huh?” Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide, seemingly not believing in what she had just heard!

She assumed that since President Liu helped the army ask for the favor to purchase her illustrations, he would definitely help the army to bargain on the price.

But from what she just heard… it seemed that there was a huge difference from what she had imagined!

President Liu saw her astonished look and couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “Grandmaster Li, you’re a young man after all. I heard that you have just joined the Sky Gem Glass Chamber not long ago? No wonder you aren’t aware! We Spiritual Armament Masters enjoy a super valued position in the allied armies! After all, we aren’t like the allied armies soldiers who would fight with their lives to train themselves or to obtain a higher rank! We Spiritual Armament Masters are just out to earn more money, isn’t it?”

“If they want us to risk our lives to go to the frontlines, then they would have to give us enough benefits. Don’t you agree? The allied armies are also aware of this. Anyway, they have all 12 God Clans behind them, so there’s no problem in asking for more money.”

“Especially so for your illustrations. If they could refine such powerful Spirit Armaments in batches, to the allied armies, it would be even better than any army! They would definitely offer a high price for it!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli finally understood what was going on. She also started to laugh.

She did not expect Spiritual Armament Masters’ statuses to be so highly valued in God Realm, nor did she know that they would give extra money for them to go to the frontlines.

No wonder previously when she showed her Spiritual Armament Master badge previously to Li Yukun, everyone was so shocked!

Huang Yueli asked, “Then… based on President Liu’s estimation, how much should we sell these illustrations for?”

President Liu thought for a moment and said, “The Spirit Armaments that you have modified could raise the might to around 40%. Based on market price, a piece could be sold for around 200 thousand high grade crystal jades.”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli silently shook her head. Previously, Grandmaster Xiao offered her 250 thousand a piece. But Grandmaster Xiao had apparently given her a higher price. If the army wanted to refine in batches, the price would certainly be slightly lower.

President Liu continued to say, “Generally speaking, for anyone who wants to buy out an exclusive illustration, they would need to pay at least 10 thousand times the item’s unit price, and that would be 200 thousand low grade jade quartz!”

One piece of low grade jade quartz was equivalent to 10 thousand high grade crystal jades.

Huang Yueli was tempted when she heard about the shocking figure.

Based on her experience in God Realm over the past few months, 20 thousand low grade jade quartz was indeed a huge fortune. A Dao Profound Realm early-phase practitioner might not even necessarily be able to save this amount of money in his entire lifetime.

To a Dream Profound Realm practitioner like her, it was a sky-high amount.

But Huang Yueli was well versed in the art of bargaining. There was an impassive look on her face and she pondered for a moment, then finally shook her head.

“No, this pricing is not suitable! The highest quantity of any ordinary Spirit Armaments sold is approximately 100 thousand pieces. Buying out an illustration for 10 thousand is considered fair. But these Spirit Armaments of mine will be supplied to the allied armies. If all of the ordinary soldiers are going to get one piece each, won’t it be replicated at least a million times! In this case, won’t I be at a huge disadvantage?”