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Chapter 3262: You’re Li Yuehuang! (3)

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If she didn’t keep the promise she made to him, she could imagine just how angry Li Moying would be.

For a moment, Huang Yueli planned to slip away from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber as fast as possible.

But she immediately had a change of thoughts. She didn’t do anything wrong, so why did she have to run away in this manner?

Just as she was hesitating, the Spiritual Armament apprentice was already leading a middle-aged man dressed in grey towards her.

“Oh, you must be the legendary Grandmaster Li! You’re now a celebrity in all of the Sky Gem Glass Chambers! We haven’t seen a talented Spiritual Armament Master like you for the past hundreds of years in the entire God Realm!” The middle-aged man said passionately.

The Spiritual Armament apprentice quickly introduced, “Grandmaster Li, this person here is Blessed City’s branch President, President Liu!”

Huang Yueli sighed silently as she thought, “I really shouldn’t have thought so much earlier. Now I really can’t leave!”

But a smile was still hanging on her face. She cupped her hands to greet President Liu and said, “President Liu, you are too kind. I’m merely just a low rank Spiritual Armament Master, and really can’t be considered as a talent.”

President Liu led her into a conference room in the inner courtyard and got the servants to offer her some hot tea.

However, he smiled and said, “I think Grandmaster Li is just being humble! The allied armies Headquarters letter stated clearly that the standardized Spirit Armaments that they had been using for tens of thousands of years had drastically increased in might after your modification! This is not something that we can describe with the word talent!”

“Standardized Spirit Armaments are different from customized Spirit Armaments. In order to lower the costs, it is manufactured in batches and uses the basic and cheapest materials that we can get. Now, under the same kind of material, you could actually increase the might of these Spirit Armaments to such a degree. Frankly speaking, this is something that the other Sky Gem Grandmasters like us can’t do!”

Being praised by such an experienced Sky Gem Grandmaster in this way made Huang Yueli extremely delighted. But she didn’t forget to be humble.

“President Liu has overpraised me. I just suddenly found some inspiration.”

President Liu smiled and said, “Don’t be so humble! Well, I’m a frank person so I won’t continue with the pleasantries with you. I believe you must have heard that the allied armies Headquarters had been searching for you?”

Huang Yueli nodded.

Although she only just found out from that Spiritual Armament apprentice, she could roughly figure out the whole situation.

It was probably because Grandmaster Xiao was overly delighted after he received that batch of Spirit Armaments and went out to show off. Hence she was exposed to him.

President Liu said, “That’s great. I’ll be frank then! The allied armies Headquarters are very interested in the Spirit Armaments that you’ve modified. Several Sky Gem Grandmasters tried to replicate the Spirit Armament that you refined…”

At this point, President Liu paused for a moment and looked carefully at Huang Yueli. Then he said apologetically, “It is indeed not morally right to replicate another person’s Spirit Armaments. But you also know that the war between us and the demon tribe had been getting more intense. If we could use the same costs to manufacture even more powerful weapons, then our army will be able to gain a huge advantage on the battlefield! The allied armies Headquarters had no choice but to do this…”

Huang Yueli’s expression remained unchanged as she nodded her head slightly.

Once a Spirit Armament was sold, if anyone wanted to try replicating it through observation, there was no way to stop that.

Huang Yueli was already mentally prepared for this. When she sold the Spirit Armaments to Grandmaster Xiao and President Gao, the two of them specifically told her that the Spirit Armaments would be used for research.