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Chapter 3263: You’re Li Yuehuang! (4)

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Seeing that she wasn’t upset, President Liu continued to speak. “Back then, several Sky Gem Grandmasters saw the Spirit Armaments and made their judgments. However, when they attempted to refine the Spirit Armaments according to your method, they weren’t able to achieve the same result that you had refined…”

“Among them, the most successful one at the replication was Grandmaster Xiao. He said he had once discussed with you in detail the approach to refine Spirit Armaments, and that was why he could achieve a breakthrough. But even he, could not totally replicate your Spirit Armament.”

President Liu paused and asked courteously, “May I ask what is the reason for this?”

Huang Yueli laughed when she heard that and said, “I indeed have some exclusive techniques. But I have basically discussed my approach with Grandmaster Xiao. Part of the reason for him to not replicate it successfully is that my Profound Energy attribute is slightly special. I can’t help you guys with this!”

President Liu was enlightened. “So this is the reason! No wonder!”

He looked at Huang Yueli once again and asked softly, “This… Grandmaster Li. To tell you the truth, the allied armies Headquarters got us to think of ways to contact you. The main reason for this is to purchase those standardized Spirit Armaments illustrations from you!”

Huang Yueli was stunned. “Spirit Armaments illustrations?”

President Liu nodded and said, “That’s right! These Spirit Armaments might look like standardized Spirit Armaments and the materials used are the same. But the method of refining is totally different, so it’s equivalent to a new type of Spirit Armament. Although the Sky Gem Grandmasters could replicate it to around 80% to 90% based on their own research, it is still not as good as having an illustration from the original creator!”

“This…” Huang Yueli frowned slightly and said hesitantly, “But I’ve never drawn any Spirit Armament illustrations before this…”

Hearing that, President Liu immediately said “That’s not a problem! You just need to see a few more of other people’s Spirit Armaments illustration books then you will naturally know how to draw it. The most important thing is the method of refining the Spirit Armament. Drawing the illustration isn’t a difficult thing at all!”

Speaking of this, he started to laugh, “Grandmaster Li, are you worried that these illustrations aren’t worth the price, but you feel awkward to set a price because of the allied armies Headquarters’ position?”

“Ughh, this…” Huang Yueli laughed dryly.

In actual fact, she had forgotten about setting a price. She was purely worried about the time that she had to spend on drawing the Spirit Armament illustrations!

Because after the previous discussion with Grandmaster Xiao, she had a deeper understanding of Spirit Armament refining. So she was able to refine mid grade Spirit Armaments now.

She didn’t place much emphasis on those low grade Spirit Armaments’ refining methods.

No matter what, those were just low grade Spirit Armaments! In terms of power, it was definitely not comparable to those higher grade Spirit Armaments that she would be refining.

Moreover, after she joined the battlefield and witnessed the devil soldiers killing the human soldiers and Sky Devil Rui Ze refining those three Commanders into blood devil pills alive, she was anxious to chip in and help the allied armies to drive those devils out of the human race’s territories!

Hence, even if they were to ask her to supply these low grade Spirit Armaments’ refining methods, she would not mind very much.

But since President Liu had already mentioned the pricing, she would not be so silly as to reject the opportunity that came knocking on her door.

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “This… I indeed am a little embarrassed to ask. President Liu. You’re so spot-on!”