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Chapter 3261: You’re Li Yuehuang! (2)

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The apprentice slapped his thigh, and his face was full of admiration.

“You’re Grandmaster Li! I’ve heard so much about you! Over the past month, the allied armies Headquarters had given all Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s branches to search for you! But everyone assumed that you must be in Sacred Phoenix Continent, so no one could ever imagine that you are in Empyrean Fox Continent!”

Hearing what he said, Huang Yueli was even more confused now.

“This… what’s going on? Why can’t I understand anything at all? Allied armies Headquarters’ orders? Why are the allied armies looking for me? I don’t think I’ve done anything deceitful or illegal?”

Huang Yueli believed that she was a law-abiding citizen. Ever since she arrived in God Realm, she remained low-key and did not do any bad things at all! How could she have attracted the allied armies Headquarters’ attention?

The apprentice looked at her in astonishment. “Why? You don’t know about it at all?”

“Know about what?” Huang Yueli asked.

The Spiritual Armament apprentice noticed her confused look, so he explained, “Grandmaster Li, didn’t you modify a batch of standardized Spirit Armaments? You even sold quite a few to Grandmaster Xiao, didn’t you?”

Hearing this question, Huang Yueli finally thought of something.

“Ah… yes, that’s right.”

The apprentice sang her praises. “I heard that the standardized Spirit Armaments you refined have much higher attributes than the original version, no matter if it was in terms of attack or defense. Is that true?”

Huang Yueli laughed dryly. “Haha, I guess you can say that.”

The apprentice grew even more excited upon hearing her confirmation. He hurriedly told her every single thing he knew.

“I heard that after Grandmaster Xiao received that batch of Spirit Armaments, he mentioned that you refined those to one of the Sky Gem Grandmasters from the allied armies during a skill interaction session. The other party was extremely stunned, and he took those Spirit Armaments to the allied armies Headquarters for assessment. The result of the assessment was even more satisfactory than what Grandmaster Xiao had claimed!”

The allied armies Headquarters is very interested in these Spirit Armaments and wanted to find you. But Grandmaster Xiao also didn’t know where you went. Hence, the allied armies Headquarters gave orders to all the Sky Gem Glass Chambers to report to them once we found you!”

Speaking to this point, a smile appeared on the Spiritual Armament apprentice’s face.

“I didn’t expect Grandmaster Li to appear in Blessed City! This is a great piece of news! I have to report to our President immediately!”

Saying that, he jumped up excitedly and ran towards the inner courtyard.

“Huh? Wait, wait a while! Don’t run off like this, eh??”

Huang Yueli was still in shock over the news she had just heard. By the time she regained her senses, the Spiritual Armament apprentice in front had already ran away.

She hurriedly stretched out her hand to grab him. But she had been in a daze for too long, and that little fellow was very agile. So he ran a distance away within a couple of seconds.

Huang Yueli’s expression was downcast. “This… what is this? I only wanted to purchase some materials, and I don’t want to be reported to the allied armies Headquarters! When the branch President comes out, I wonder how long I will have to entertain him…”

She remembered that she had promised Li Moying to return by dinnertime tonight!

They had not met for close to two years and had finally reunited. This man was extremely sticky and was easily jealous.