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Chapter 3260: You’re Li Yuehuang! (1)

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She needed a lot of preparation to appear in top form at the banquet! Her make-up, hairdo, dressing… she couldn’t miss out on anything at all!

At this moment, Huang Yueli had already arrived at the Sky Gem Glass Chamber branch in Blessed City.

As a military town, the number of Spiritual Armament Masters in Blessed City’s Sky Gem Glass Chamber was evidently much more than in Flame Square City.

Huang Yueli pinned her Spiritual Armament Master’s badge on her chest and walked toward the reception area.

“Hi Young Brother, I’d like to purchase some materials for standardized Spirit Armaments but I’m not sure where I should go to buy some?”

The Spiritual Armament apprentice in charge of reception duties was reading a book with his head lowered. Hearing her voice, he lifted his head and took a look at her.

Seeing the official Spiritual Armament Master badge, the apprentice immediately stood up and his attitude became extremely respectful. He said courteously, “This Grandmaster, I don’t think I’ve seen you before. Have you come from another state?”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “That’s right. I received my Spiritual Armament Master badge in Flame Square City and it’s my first time in Blessed City.”

The apprentice nodded his head in understanding and said, “I must first verify your identity. Please kindly wait for a moment.”

Saying that, he took a small mechanism from a corner of the table, and shone it against Huang Yueli’s badge.

As he was doing the verification, he explained, “This Grandmaster, please don’t mind the hassle. The allied armies in Blessed City had sent soldiers to be stationed around the important military bases, so most of the Spiritual Armament Masters here are deployed by the allied armies. They are mostly responsible for setting up mechanisms for the allied armies troops and these are top secret jobs. To prevent the demon tribe’s spies from smuggling in, we must verify everyone’s identities.”

“Not only so, but those who want to purchase or sell high grade Spirit Armaments or above must also be reviewed by the allied armies. If you wish to engage in such transactions, you’ll have to follow the regulations. Otherwise, you might be arrested by the allied armies!”

Huang Yueli showed a faint smile. “I know. Thank you for your reminder But I’m just going to purchase some ordinary materials, and have no intention of selling my Spirit Armaments.”

Huang Yueli’s badge suddenly changed color and a few lines of red-colored words appeared. “Name: Li Yuehuang. Age: 29 years old. Accredited rank: low rank Spiritual Armament Master. Accredited location: Sacred Phoenix Continent, Flame Square City.”

The apprentice originally looked at her badge casually. But when he saw the contents clearly, he was stunned.

Originally, Huang Yueli had a smile on her face, while waiting for the other party to complete the verification. But a while later, she discovered that the other party started to go into a daze.

She frowned slightly and reminded him, “This Young Brother, has my identity passed the verification?”

“Oh…. Oh… you… your identity…” The apprentice seemed as though he awoke from his dreams and stared fixedly at Huang Yueli. “You’re Grandmaster Li from Flame Square City!!”

Huang Yueli was shocked to see the other party’s dazed look.

“I am indeed Li Yuehuang from Flame Square City. This… is there something wrong?”

She pondered over this for a while but simply couldn’t understand what was so strange that it would make him so shocked.

She proclaimed that she was just a low rank Spiritual Armament Master at the lowest rung. She might seem a little young, but there were plenty of low rank Spiritual Armament Masters younger than her. There didn’t seem to be a need to be so shocked, right?