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Chapter 3259: Divine General Holds A Banquet (4)

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Upon hearing that, a smile surfaced on Lan Mengqing’s lips and she agreed to it. “Yes, of course!”

It wasn’t just Jing Shaoyuan who was satisfied with Lan Mengqing as his fiancée, she was also rather satisfied with him.

Among the younger generation in God Realm, other than Jun Sihan who was reclusive and rarely left Veracious Wyvern Clan, Jing Shaoyuan was already one of the top-rated geniuses in that batch.

Moreover, Jing Shaoyuan was rather handsome and he also had outstanding military achievements in the allied armies. His reputation was widespread, so there were plenty of young talented ladies who wanted to marry Jing Shaoyuan.

Lan Mengqing had always liked to attend various banquets with Jing Shaoyuan. Her motive was to show all the same generation of talented young ladies that she had both beauty and brains. Even a genius like Jing Shaoyuan was swooned by her!

Actually, in terms of innate talent among the ancient god clan’s generation of young ladies, Lan Mengqing wasn’t the strongest. For example, the niece of Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Clan Leader, Li Leyun. Her innate talent and ability were above hers!

But because she had a fiancé like Jing Shaoyuan, her status was elevated in a certain perspective.

Usually, when Lan Mengqing met with Li Leyun and the others, she would always act proud and self-satisfied. Moreover, she would often drag Jing Shaoyuan along to show off.

Now, hearing Jing Shaoyuan’s invite to attend the banquet, Lan Mengqing naturally felt glad that she had another chance to show off!

She thought for a moment and asked, “Shaoyuan, why is Divine General suddenly organizing a banquet? Is it to celebrate the defeat of the demon tribe?”

The incident where Li Moying and Jun Sihan killed Sky Devil Rui Ze had just been verified yesterday and had not been publicized yet. Only mid-level military officers and above would know about such a top-secret.

Meng Shurong originally intended to officially announce this news to the public during the banquet tonight.

Hence, Lan Mengqing hadn’t received news of this yet.

When she mentioned this, it made Jing Shaoyuan have a toothache!

He thought to himself, “How am I supposed to explain this? Am I supposed to tell her that two peerless geniuses who are even more incredible than me had appeared in Blessed City? They even killed a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner?”

The moment he thought of this, Jing Shaoyuan felt depressed.

Not to mention facing his fiancée who had always worshipped him!

Jing Shaoyuan felt ashamed to even mention this.

He held it in for a long time before finding a reason. He brushed through the details and said, “The allied armies Headquarters sent the 8 star Divine General, Xuan Jiuling, to Blessed City. Divine General Meng is throwing him a welcoming party, so he thought of organizing a banquet.

“8 star Divine General!” Upon hearing this, Lan Mengqing revealed an elated expression!

During normal times, they were practically inaccessible to a top exponent like Xuan Jiuling, who held such a top ranking on the Profound Sky Chart!

Now, he actually appeared in Blessed City!

To the younger generation practitioners, attending a welcoming banquet for Xuan Jiuling was an extremely glorious matter.

So Lan Mengqing instantly became excited.

“That’s great! It’s Divine General Xuan’s welcoming banquet! It seems that I have to prepare myself properly for this!”

Jing Shaoyuan’s gloomy expression finally turned better after hearing this.

He nodded and instructed, “Today is an important occasion, so dress up beautifully. If you manage to show yourself in front of Divine General, you will also gain face when you return to your clan.”

Lan Mengqing nodded consecutively. “Don’t worry, I understand! Then I’ll get moving first!”

She originally wanted to stay a little longer with Jing Shaoyuan. But thinking of such an important banquet tonight, she could no longer sit still.