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Chapter 3258: Divine General Holds A Banquet (3)

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Jing Shaoyuan agreed readily.

After getting his reply, the two personal guards left in satisfaction.

After they left, Jing Shaoyuan’s attendants instantly came forward to report, “Young Master, your fiancée Young Miss Lan is here. Seeing that you have guests, she had already been waiting for some time.”

Jing Shaoyuan immediately said, “Where is Mengqing? I’ll go and meet her now.”

Jing Shaoyuan jumped for joy as he rushed to the front hall in quick steps.

A beautiful young lady dressed in white sat in front of the window. The minute she saw Jing Shaoyuan entering the hall, she stood up immediately and walked toward him.

“Shaoyuan, you’re finally here!”

Jing Shaoyuan held her hand and said, “Mengqing, I’m really sorry to make you wait so long.”

As he spoke, he looked at his fiancée with an appreciative gaze.

His fiancée, Lan Mengqing was one of the geniuses in the Empyrean Fox Clan. She had great innate talent and the Empyrean Fox Clan had been famous for their beautiful ladies. Lan Mengqing was one of the top beauties in the Empyrean Fox Clan. She was so famous that all of the younger generations within the twelve God clans knew who she was.

This beautiful woman with both brains and beauty naturally had plenty of suitors.

But Jing Shaoyuan eventually defeated all the suitors through his innate talent, identity, and looks as well as showing all his affection to this beautiful woman and getting engaged to her.

If it was one matter that Jing Shaoyuan was most proud of would be his innate talent and ability as well as the incident where he killed a Sky Devil. The other matter would be getting engaged to a fiancée who made others envious of him!

Seeing Lan Mengqing’s alluring loos, Jing Shaoyuan was silently pleased with himself.

Earlier, it was exactly because he saw Lan Mengqing that he changed his mind and decided to attend the banquet tonight!


Although it was said that Li Moying and Jun Sihan killed Sky Devil Ruize, they definitely would gain the recognition of the Xuan Jiuling.

But the other people’s gazes wouldn’t only be attracted by top exponents.

If he brought along an exceptional beauty like Lan Mengqing, he would definitely gain the envious gazes of everyone and snatch away Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s limelight!

Moreover, he wondered what Li Moying and Jun Sihan were thinking. They actually married two unknown women!

Although he had not seen these two women’s true countenances, at least he had seen their looks after disguise.

He could tell that Jun Sihan’s wife was a beauty even though she was wearing a man’s disguise.

But how about Li Moying’s wife? Even when dressed as a man, she actually looked so ordinary. So he could imagine that even if she changed back into a woman, she would be so bland that no one would be interested in her. He wondered why Li Moying took fancy to her.

Adding on to the fact that the woman’s ability didn’t seem high. She was only in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase, totally unable to compare with Lan Mengqing who was in Dream Profound Realm peak state!

If he brought Lan Mengqing and stood next to Li Moying and Jun Sihan, that woman would definitely become a clown!

Whereas everyone would view Li Moying as a joke for marrying such an ugly woman!

By then, the scene would be very interesting!

Jing Shaoyuan kept thinking about this many times and his lips curled up involuntarily as though he could already visualize Li Moying and Huang Yueli being mocked by everyone.

“Shaoyuan? What are you thinking of?” Lan Mengqing asked curiously.

Jing Shaoyuan came back to his senses and laughed, “Mengqing, Divine General is holding a banquet tonight. Will you attend it with me?”