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Chapter 3257: Divine General Holds A Banquet (2)

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For a Dao Profound Realm peak-state top exponent like Xuan Jiuling, his status was extremely noble within the current line-up of first-class exponents in God Realm.

Actually, even if they were practitioners in the same Dao Profound Realm peak-state level, the difference in their abilities also had different ranges. Some Dao Profound Realm early-phase or mid-phase practitioners with outstanding innate talents might even have the ability to surpass those in the Dao Profound Realm end-phase.

There was a specialized Profound Sky Chart in God Realm which gave a ranking to these practitioners.

In Li Moying’s memories, Xuan Jiuling was ranked between 30th to 40th positions and that was indeed considered the God Realm’s first-class top exponent.

Hearing this top exponent’s appreciation towards himself and even wanting to meet with him, Li Moying felt extremely happy.

He flipped open the invitation and swiftly glanced through it.

“Inviting me and my wife to attend the banquet at the Castellan Manor tonight… I got it. Can I trouble you to help me inform the Divine General that we will be attending the banquet?”

The two Divine Lieutenants showed a joyous loo and after a word of appreciation, they left.

Li Moying merely felt a fleeting moment of joy and quickly calmed down. The moment they left, he resumed his original plan to return to the room and focus on cultivation.

At the same time, Divine General’s two personal guards also reached Jing Shaoyuan’s official residence and passed him the invite.

Jing Shaoyuan received the invite and asked puzzledly, “What’s going on? Why is Divine General suddenly arranging such a grand banquet, and he even incited Blessed City’s reputated people to join in?”

The two personal guards told Jin Shaoyuan about Xuan Jiuling’s arrival in the morning.

Hearing that, Jing Shaoyuan’s expression turned extremely unsightly.

“What? Divine General has already come to Blessed City! Moreover, he’s here especially to meet Li Moying and Jun Sihan??”

Jing Shaoyuan felt extremely upset as his eyes were filled with jealousy and hatred!

White Tiger Clan also had Dao Profound Realm peak-state top exponents, and they were even higher in ranking as compared to Xuan Jiuling. These top exponents even gave Jing Shaoyuan pointers in his cultivation.

But a junior being concerned and cared for by their own clan’s top exponents and being highly valued by other god clan’s top exponents were two different matters!

A real peerless genius would be able to make the other god clan practitioners see them in a different light.

Especially for top exponents in the allied armies, if they didn’t manage to convince other people with their abilities above their identities and statuses, the other party wouldn’t even take another glance at them.

Whereas Li Moying and Jun Sihan received such treatment because they killed Sky Devil Ruize!

As for him, Jing Shaoyuan, he had dreamt of being in the limelight like this many times, but he had never got the chance to do so!

Even though he managed to kill a Sky Devil early-phase previously, it was because he coincidentally met with the other party, who was heavily injured. So he conveniently brought back a devil stone. Although many outsiders had flaunted about his abilities, none of the top exponents in the army praised him at all.

In comparison, Jing Shaoyuan felt that his face had turned red from being slapped!

“Divine Lieutenant Jing? Divine Lieutenant Jing?”

Seeing Jing Shaoyuan going into a trance, the two personal guards could only urge him. “Divine Lieutenant Jing, can you attend tonight’s banquet?”

Jing Shaoyuan felt extremely depressed!

Originally, he would never miss the chance to show his face in front of a top exponent like Xuan Jiuling.

But thinking that this banquet was specially set up for Li Moying and Jun Sihan, and he would have to watch them bask in glory by then, Jing Shaoyuan just couldn’t take it!

Just as Jing Shaoyuan couldn’t make up his mind, he suddenly saw a figure at the end of the corridor…

Jing Shaoyuan suddenly thought of something, and his eyes instantly lit up.

“Yes, I will be there!”