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Chapter 3256: Divine General Holds A Banquet (1)

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“What? Evening??”

Li Moying’s face grew even darker. He thought Huang Yueli would at least return to have lunch with him!

However, Huang Yueli totally didn’t sense the resentment in him and continued to say, “Coincidentally, I’ve been holding you from cultivating over this period. So I won’t disturb you and will let you focus on cultivation. Aren’t I very considerate? Alright, I’m leaving now. Love you!”

Huang Yueli skipped in quick, light footsteps and left the room.

Li Moying was extremely gloomy!

He had just brought his wife home, but she wasn’t willing to spend time with him at home at all. She was off to some Sky Gem Glass Chamber!

He thought, “Considerate? In which way is she being considerate? She’s so callous!”

But Huang Yueli had already left. If he chased after her in the nide, it would definitely make his Li’er extremely angry.

Helpless, the only choice he had was to stay home and cultivate alone.

Luckily he had already instructed Li Tianyi that once they saw Huang Yueli leaving, he should arrange for a few people to follow and protect her secretly. Adding to the fact that there were a lot of garrisons from the allied armies in Blessed City, safety wasn’t a problem at all.

Li Moying also got out of bed and washed up. He intended to return to his room and cultivate after taking breakfast.

Just at this moment, someone knocked on the door.

“Who would come over at this timing?” Li Moying frowned slightly and said, “Tian Er, go check it out!”

Li Tianer responded by walking over to the door. A moment later, he brought two allied armies’ Divine Lieutenants in.

“Both Divine Lieutenants, why have you come? Could it be that Divine General has some instructions for me?” Li Moying asked.

He had met these two Divine Lieutenants yesterday in Meng Shurong’s study room. Although he was impatient, he couldn’t be rude to the two of them.

The two Divine Lieutenants exchanged a glance and one of them stepped forward, cupping his hands in greeting.

“Young Master Li, Divine General had personally instructed us to come over and pass you this invitation.”

“Invitation?” Li Moying lifted a brow.

The Divine Lieutenant passed him the invitation with both hands and explained, “Divine General sent out a war communique last night. He didn’t expect Divine General Xuan Jiuling from the Black Tortoise Clan to reach Blessed City this morning. We heard that the allied armies Headquarters had already received intelligence from the demon tribe that Sky Devil Rui Ze was in Blessed City. So they specially requested for this 8 star Divine General to be our reinforcement.”

Li Moying was slightly startled as well. “8 star Divine General…”

The Divine Lieutenant nodded his head and said, “Divine General Xuan is a Dao Profound Realm peak state top expert. I heard that he might advance into the Life Profound Realm any moment, and he is one of the most powerful Divine Generals in the allied armies! He rushed over to Blessed City and headed over to the frontline to kill Sky Devil Rui Ze immediately. But he realized that Rui Ze had already died under the hands of Young Master Li and Young Master Jun. So he rushed back to the city, hoping to meet the both of you.”

“Divine General wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate this and also publicize the news of Rui Ze’s execution. So he specially set up a banquet today.”

Li Moying merely nodded his head upon hearing this.

In God Realm, Life Profound Realm’s top exponents were extremely scarce. Even among the ancient God clans, there would only be one or two of them in each clan, and they were mostly Grand Elders who were thousands of years old. Basically, they no longer engaged themselves with worldly affairs, and would not appear unless the clan had met with the danger of being annihilated.

Cloudy Qilin Clan might have two Life Profound Realm peerless exponents, but even though Li Moying was a god grade genius, he didn’t have the chance to meet them.

In comparison, Dao Profound Realm practitioners were the ones who could deter everyone in God Realm.