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Chapter 3255: Actually Despised Me (3)

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Hearing Li Moying’s voice, yesterday night’s scene instantly appeared in her mind.

The more Huang Yueli thought, the angrier she became. She couldn’t help but turn her head to bite Li Moying.

“Scoundrel! Liar! How dare you say my endurance is weak? Your endurance is obviously too good!”

A set of teeth marks appeared distinctly on Li Moying’s body. The pain that came with it instantly filled his mind, but he didn’t even crease his brows. He merely leaned lazily against that young lady in his arms.

“In this case, are you satisfied with my performance yesterday night?”

“Satisfied… your head!” Huang Yueli glowered fiercely at him and jumped off the bed. She swiftly grabbed a bathrobe by the side of the bed and put it over herself to cover her body.

After that, she ignored her husband who lay on the bed like a big boss and ran behind the screen to change her clothes. After that, she started to wash up and put on make-up.

One had to admit that Li Moying had a conscience.

Earlier when he pressed his hands on her waist, he transmitted some Profound Energy into her body. The effect was remarkable and it indeed lessened the discomfort in her body.

Li Moying leaned on the bed and his eyes followed his busy wife. However, he didn’t seem to have any intention to move at all.

He realized that just listening to his wife grumble about him over a small matter, or looking at her run around at his place to do her own things would put him in a good mood.

It was as if he would never tire of watching her all day for eternity.

However, Li Moying was originally looking at Huang Yueli feeling extremely relaxed. Later on, he suddenly felt that something was amiss.

“Li’er, you… what are you doing?”

“Changing and preparing to go out?” Huang Yueli gave him a strange look. “Didn’t I tell you this yesterday night? I intend to drop by the Sky Gem Glass Chamber today!”

The last time she was in Flame Square City, she had successfully passed the Spiritual Armament Master accreditation.

Back then, other than giving Grandmaster Xiao and President Gao a batch of modified standardized Spirit Armaments, she also refined some Spirit Armaments and bought several materials from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber.

But later on, when an accident during the teleportation, those Spirit Armaments were exhausted very quickly.

Initially, when Huang Yueli became Team 3’s Team Leader, she gave the team members a batch of it. Later, when they fought against the Sky Devil twice, the exhaustion of items became extremely serious. Not only did she use up almost all of the finished products which she had refined, but even the materials were also totally depleted.

Now, she finally managed to enter a large city like Blessed City, so she had to go gather some materials.

Li Moying’s expression turned slightly ugly upon hearing that.

“You can go to Sky Gem Glass Chamber, but why must you dress up like a man again?”

Huang Yueli replied, “That’s because the last time I did the accreditation at the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, I was dressed in this way. Every Spiritual Armament Master in the Sky Gem Glass Chambers has a portrait of their looks. If I suddenly change into another look, someone will start to suspect my identity!”

As Huang Yueli said that, she swiftly finished up with her disguise.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Li Moying finally could not continue lying on the bed and hurriedly sat up.

“Wait, I’ll go with you!”

Huang Yueli shook her hand and said, “No need, there’s really no need! Only Spiritual Armament Masters can enter the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, and you’re not one! Moreover, you don’t understand the art of Spirit Armaments, so it’d be very boring to wait for me. It’d be better for you to stay home and rest! I’ll come back earlier in the evening.”