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Chapter 3254: Actually Despised Me (2)

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Even if it was only for one night, he didn’t want Huang Yueli to feel uncomfortable at all.

Huang Yueli looked into the man’s eyes and met his gentle gaze. Her lips curled upwards and she said, “That’s alright. When I was at the army campsite, the conditions there were truly run-down! Especially when Yunxi and I were in the demon tribe control zone, the two of us just slept on the tree. But we didn’t think much of it.”

Li Moying instantly felt his heart aching and said, “It’s all my fault for not protecting you properly!”

He hugged Huang Yueli, lowered his head, and gently caressed her face.

Seeing Li Moying leaning closer and closer, Huang Yueli blushed into a shade of red. She also started to stutter, “It… It’s not your fault… whenever I’m in critical danger, you’d always appear…”

Li Moying stared at her brilliant, sparkly eyes and chuckled softly, “A hero saves a beauty and the beauty will always devote herself to him. Why don’t you…”

Huang Yueli blinked as she felt the warm breath that Li Moying was spraying on her face.

That familiar presence was filled with charm, making her heart palpitate violently.

“Why don’t….”

Huang Yueli’s heart pounded hard. At this moment, she probably wouldn’t be able to reject any request that Li Moying raised.

Of course, she only needed to use her toes to think and she knew what her husband wanted to do at night. Moreover, she was glad to do so!

Huang Yueli had already made preparations to nod her head. But immediately following that, she heard Li Moying’s mellow voice ringing in her ear. “Why don’t you quickly wash off the disguise on your face?”

Huang Yueli’s original tightly shut eyes had already been waiting for Li Moying to kiss her. In the end, when she heard this, she opened her eyes abruptly and saw Li Moying pinching her chin with a disdainful look.

“Quickly wash it off!”

Huang Yueli flew into a rage from embarrassment and jumped up!

“How dare you despise me! Hmph, I’ll wash it off! But after I’m done, you can only look. Don’t touch me!”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at Li Moying, turned around, and ran to the next room to wash up.

Li Moying touched his chin and his lips curled upwards. “You say don’t touch and I’ll do exactly as you say? Since my wife has already said so, then if I wait for you to wash it off, wouldn’t I be too stupid?”

His eyes gradually turned deep and marched over to the next room.

To Li Moying who had a keen sense of hearing, the splashing of the water in the room was extremely distinct.

As Huang Yueli bathed, she hummed a song. Apparently, she didn’t realize that a wolf was already standing right outside the door.

A moment later—

“Li Moying, you… you…. you… you peeped at me! Go out!”

“Why do I have to go out?”

“This is my room!”

“You’re mine, so your room is also naturally mine.”

“I don’t care. You despised me, so I’ll punish you by making you sleep in the study room tonight!”

“Really? Can you really bear to? Hmm?”

Immediately following that, the splashing sounds became even clearer. Only until late at night did it slowly subside.

On the next day, Huang Yueli only woke up at noon.

Moreover, the moment she sat up, she felt a sore feeling around her waist. It felt as if someone had given her a beating…


Huang Yueli’s movements were too vigorous. She almost sprained her waist and fell back on the bed.

A pair of big hands landed on her waist. At the same time, a deep laugh rang. “Li’er, as a practitioner, your physique is simply too weak! Your endurance is also too weak!”