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Chapter 3225: Sadistic (4)


Jun Sihan nodded slightly and the two of them made their moves simultaneously. They directly attacked those two pill furnaces!

They knew the severity of this matter so they didn’t hold back at all. All they wanted to do was to completely destroy these two pill furnaces!

Sky Devil Rui Ze put his hand into the pill furnace and grabbed a red-colored light ball in his palm. Jing Zhihai’s face could be seen indistinctly in the light ball, revealing an extremely painful expression!

Under Huang Yueli’s horrified gaze, Rui Ze grabbed the light ball and stuffed it into his mouth!


Jing Zhihai shouted miserably but his remaining soul trace had been sealed in the light ball. So how could he possibly fight against Sky Devil Rui Ze!

The sharp shrills were still ringing when the light ball entered Rui Ze’s mouth!

Once the light ball vanished, Rui Ze’s demonic qi abruptly increased!

With the nourishment of the half-finished blood devil pill, his internal injuries swiftly recuperated. Although it was a far cry from total recovery, it was sufficient for him to adjust the demonic qi in his body!

Rui Ze revealed a delighted expression. His original good-looking face turned sinister!

He turned around, wanting to open the other two pill furnaces.

Whoever knew that just at this moment, two bolts of Profound Energy sped past him and pierced through those two pill furnaces right before his eyes!

Miserably and horrifying cries rang from inside the pill furnaces, and it instantly exploded!

White smoke pervaded the air in an instant and the blood stench smell inside the cave was so thick that Huang Yueli couldn’t help but feel like retching.

Rui Ze stood in shock, as though he didn’t believe that such a thing had just happened.

The pill furnaces used to refine blood devil pills were specialized, all the materials used were extremely rare, and it was abnormally solid. Pairing it with the furnaces’ various array patterns, even a Sky Devil grade top exponent could not break it easily!

Otherwise, during the process of refining blood devil pills, if they used “ingredients” with exceptionally powerful soul traces, the pill furnace might directly explode!

So right from the start, Rui Ze did not believe that Li Moying and Jun Sihan could achieve this!

But very quickly, Rui Ze realized what had just happened and his face turned livid!

“Damn it, damn it, damn it—!! You dare to destroy This Seat’s blood devil pills!”

His eyes became bloodshot as though blood was about to pour out. No one knew if it was because he was overly agitated or if it was because he had just swallowed Jing Zhihai’s blood-colored light ball!

“This Seat must catch the two of you and use you as a replacement for those two blood devil pills! God grade geniuses with such innate talent refined into pills will definitely allow This Seat to smoothly breakthrough to Sky Devil end-phase!”

Saying that, Rui Ze could no longer suppress the anger in him and charged right toward the two of them!

Li Moying scoffed coldly, “Already at doom’s end, yet you’re still boasting!”

Following the last word, a mighty-looking Qilin covered in shining scales appeared behind him!

“Lilac Jadeite, go—!”

Li Moying pointed with his long sword. The Qilin did a flip in mid-air, and a bolt of purple light flashed past its body!

Rui Ze was already stunned by the appearance of the Qilin. He already knew that these two god clan youngsters in front of them were first-class geniuses in the ancient god clans. But he didn’t expect Li Moying to be able to subdue an ancient spiritual beast!