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Chapter 3226: Sadistic (5)

Even if it was a Dao Profound Realm top exponent, it might not be possible to subdue an ancient spiritual beast, let alone that Li Moying was only in Heart Profound Realm!

For someone with this cultivation, who was able to subdue an ancient spiritual beast, it could only prove that his innate talent was terribly powerful! He was absolutely one of the top-class geniuses among the ancient god clans!

But why would this kind of person suddenly appear on the demon tribe battlefield frontlines?

Immediately following that, Sky Devil Rui Ze finally managed to come round to his senses and was preparing to fight back when he suddenly realized that… his body was immobile!

Li Moying secretly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Rui Ze’s body turning stiff.

His little Qilin was still an infant, after all. To tell the truth, he wasn’t very confident if it could immobilize an opponent with such great power as Sky Devil Rui Ze.

Luckily, it still succeeded in the end!

But Rui Ze had just taken an unfinished blood devil pill earlier, and his blood vigor was extremely exuberant right now. Breaking through the numbness state would just take an instant!

Li Moying grabbed the chance, and his long sword sliced past multiple electric currents in the sky, sweeping it towards Rui Ze!

Jun Sihan couldn’t help but praise, “What a beautiful Qilin!”

His figure swayed, and he appeared right behind Rui Ze’s back, striking him at the same time!


Rui Ze let out a miserable cry as he was slashed by both of them simultaneously. Blood started to spurt out! His body went soft, and he fell to the ground!

Happy expressions appeared on Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s faces. They were just about to continue with their victorious streak to kill Rui Ze in one go. But while Rui Ze’s body lay on the ground, the injuries on his body were swiftly being healed at a speed which could be seen with the naked eye…

The two of them were flabbergasted!

“Sky Devil Rui Ze’s wounds actually healed by themselves! Could this be… the effect of that blood devil pill that he swallowed earlier?”

But the two of them quickly came around it.

Devils originally require blood vigor to be replenished when they’re healing from their injuries. Rui Ze had swallowed the blood devil pill refined from a Heart Profound Realm top exponent like Jing Zhihai. So that was why his blood vigor was overflowing!

If one looked at it from another angle, it was a waste to let the blood vigor disperse in this way. But during battle, the amount of blood vigor was enough for Rui Ze to display astonishing ability and healing capability!

Seeing this scenario, Li Moying’s brows creased tightly. Although he continued to attack, he had an ominous feeling in his heart…

“Rui Ze’s healing capability is so strong. How much effect must we spend to wear him out?”

“Moreover, we are only in the Heart Profound Realm and our Profound Energy inside is limited. We can’t stand long hours of exhaustion…”

Li Moying suddenly thought of something and frowned as he looked at Jun Sihan.

“What are you waiting for? Where’s your dragon??”

Jun Sihan coughed as he continued to attack, “Cough cough, coming, coming. It’s coming right up! You don’t know… ever since my wife ran away from anger, my little dragon isn’t very happy to entertain me…”

He had just finished his sentence when a Divine Dragon covered entirely in golden floated in mid-air!

Rui Ze’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets!

He hadn’t expected this at all. Not only did Li Moying subdue an ancient spiritual beast, but even Jun Sihan also contracted an ancient spiritual beast. Moreover, from the looks of it, this Divine Dragon seemed to be a tough cookie!

Jun Sihan pointed at Rui Ze’s nose, “Quick, this fellow is the one who wants to turn Little Xi into a blood devil pill!”

Divine Dragon’s head was originally tilted upwards with a stuck-up look.