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Chapter 3224: Sadistic (3)

His life and death were hanging on a thread!

Rui Ze was on the verge of despair!

But just at this instant, his gaze drifted towards the three pill furnaces in the corner!

Master Jin who was next to the pill furnaces was lying motionless on the ground. He had been struck by the dissipated energies when the three of them were fighting earlier, and no one knew if he had fainted or was dead.

Even those three pill furnaces which were still refining lay slanted on the ground.

But the pill furnaces used to refine blood devil pills had special array patterns. Even if it fell to the ground, the furnace lid was still tightly shut. The blood-colored smoke inside continued to whiff out.

Rui Ze’s gaze flickered and he instantly made his decision!

He charged towards the pill furnace in a second, slid his finger across the array pattern and the lid abruptly flew off!


A loud explosion was heard and a burst of red smoke gushed towards the sky. The blood stench instantly pervaded the entire cave!

Li Moying and Jun Sihan were shocked by this sudden change. Their actions halted for a second and that allowed Rui Ze to escape from them!

Just as the both of them were still in shock, a sharp miserable scream suddenly emitted from the pill furnace.


This ear-piercing scream seemed to contain endless pain, which invoked a chill from the depths of their soul!

Li Moying still hadn’t realized what was going on but Jun Sihan had an abrupt change of expression. “Blood devil pill, it’s the blood devil pill! Those few pill furnaces are refining blood devil pills. The pills have yet to be molded into shapes…”

Hearing that, Li Moying’s expression also changed!

Although he hadn’t seen it personally, he had once heard the people in Cloudy Qilin Clan mention the cruel methods of refining the blood devil pill.

But hearing about it versus witnessing the “ingredient” screaming miserably was totally different!

Especially when the cave’s blood stench was becoming denser by the second. It was filled with strange, evil energy which made one feel the chills.

“Damn demon tribe, you actually used god clan practitioners to be refined into pills while they are alive!” Even if Li Moying was knowledgeable, he could not help but feel shocked.

But the person who felt most terrified was Huang Yueli, who was hiding in a secluded corner of the cave!

Although the original tone of the miserable cry coming from the pill furnace had already been lost due to the pain, Huang Yueli was still able to differentiate that this voice belonged to Jing Zhihai!

Huang Yueli had always thought that after Jing Zhihai failed in his attempt to assassinate Sky Devil Rui Ze, he died instantly. She didn’t expect that not only did he not die, but he was also treated as an ingredient and being refined while he was alive!

This was really… too sadistic!

Huang Yueli felt that Jing Zhihai and the others had violated the military regulation and almost caused so many soldiers to die, they deserved to die for their actions. But she didn’t expect his ending to be so miserable!

Jun Sihan looked at Li Moying and said, “These have already been refined into blood water, so they can’t be saved! We’d better quickly destroy the pill furnaces. Otherwise, if Sky Devil Rui Ze forcibly swallows the unrefined blood devil pills, he can still restore his ability!”

Although the effect was only 10% of the original blood devil pill, to the current frail Rui Ze, this was his only life-buoy!

Li Moying instantly came to his senses. “That’s right, let’s target one each!”