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Chapter 3221: Assassinate Sky Devil Rui Ze (4)

But now, since there were no Dao Profound Realm practitioners, Rui Ze simply didn’t give a damn about Li Moying and Jun Sihan.

He laughed coldly. “The two of you have come just in time! This Seat’s blood essence is damaged and I need two top-quality blood devil pills to replenish my blood vigor! Your innate talents are so outstanding. If I were to refine you into blood devil pills while you are alive, the medicinal effects will definitely be extremely satisfactory! Perhaps, it might even help me advance into Sky Devil end-phase! Hahahaha!”

Rui Ze sized the two of them blatantly as though they were already his ingredients!

However, this provocative speech seemed to have no effect on Li Moying at all.

He said indifferently, “You want to refine us into medicinal pills? I’m afraid your life is not tough enough and you don’t have any qualifications to have any designs on us! Moreover, we’re intending to use your devil stone to exchange for military merits in Blessed City!”

Jun Sihan also spoke with a relaxed expression, “Killing Sky Devil Rui Ze will be a consecutive promotion of 3-stars! It’s really rare for such a good opportunity to come by!”

Hearing their words, Rui Ze’s expression abruptly changed!

He thought, “Mere Heart Profound Realm practitioners like them dare to have designs on me! They are even thinking of retrieving my devil stone in exchange for military merits??”

That, to the demon tribe, was the greatest insult!

“The two of you— are looking for death!”

Sky Devil Rui Ze totally couldn’t control his fury. After an angry shout, he instantly pulled out his cutlass hanging by his waist and slashed it towards Li Moying’s head!

Dense demonic Qi instantly dissipated and repleted in the cave!

“This Seat shall let you two god clan brats experience a Sky Devil mid-phase real power! But I won’t let you die so easily. Just wait to be turned into blood devil pills! Hahahaha!”

Even Master Jin who was sitting in the corner let out a faint smile.

To a Blood Pill Master like him, all he had been seeking throughout his life was to get this kind of “herbs” like Li Moying and Jun Sihan and refine an even higher quality blood pill!

Arrogant laughter filled the skies and Rui Ze’s cutlass was already right above Li Moying’s head.

Li Moying had been defending against him long ago. His figure swayed and he disappeared right before Rui Ze’s eyes.

Apparently, Rui Ze did not expect Li Moying’s speed to be so fast!

So when his cutlass struck the air, he went into a slight blank.

Although he was distracted for just a few seconds which one couldn’t even notice, Li Moying and Jun Sihan were extremely sensitive towards this. They precisely captured this instant.

The two of them struck out at the same time. Electric currents and water blades shined mutually and exploded into a powerful burst of energy in the cave!

Two Profound Energies crashed against Sky Devil Rui Ze’s demonic qi in the air!

Because of the force of recoil, Li Moying and Jun Sihan fell. There was a dull pain in their chests. It was evident that they were injured.

However, Rui Ze’s expression was a hundred times more astonished than theirs!

It was because he had never imagined that two Heart Profound Realm practitioners were actually able to injure him!

He suffered an even greater disadvantage from the exchange of blows earlier!

Thunder attributed energy was fierce and unyielding while water attributed energy was tenacious and continuous, which made up for the other attribute’s flaws.

Adding to that Li Moying and Jun Sihan had worked multiple times together recently, so they had great tacit coordination. The two of them were peerless top geniuses and their foresight was extremely accurate. When they made their moves, they would naturally aim for Rui Ze’s weakness!

Hence, just after one move, Rui Ze realized that he was currently at a disadvantage…