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Chapter 3222: Sadistic (1)

“Damn it, you two brats are rather capable! Too bad, This Seat was just playing around with you guys earlier! Don’t even think that you can win This Seat like this. The one who will die… will still be the two of you!”

“Take this!”

Rui Ze was also fired up and stopped underestimating the enemy. He unleashed all his demonic power and attacked the two of them at full force!

Li Moying and Jun Sihan also raised their concentration to the highest, carefully dealing with the enemy!

Although they were rather confident about their own capabilities, the other party was an established top expert in the demon tribe, a Sky Devil mid-phase top exponent!

If it was in terms of actual ability, they would actually not be able to win Rui Ze.

Initially, they had also considered sneaking an attack while Rui Ze was not expecting them, and killing him in one go!

But after careful thinking, they knew that it wasn’t possible.

Rui Ze was not in his closed door cultivation right now, but was fully awake!

Moreover, with the previous incident with Jing Zhihai and the others, they believed that when Rui Ze was cultivating, he would definitely be more careful than before. Thinking that he would let his guard down now was simply too difficult!

So their only chance was to drag it for as long as possible!

Sky Devil Rui Ze originally had suffered a serious internal injury because his closed door cultivation was interrupted. So originally, he should abstain from fighting right now!

If he forcibly tried to fight, he would be able to display 80% of his peak ability. But every move he made would increase the severity of his internal injury.

If time were to drag on, his internal injury would become even more serious.

As time goes by, Rui Ze’s ability would slowly slip. If he suffered another heavy blow, he might even face the danger of dropping a realm!


Li Moying and Jun Sihan grabbed this point and simply put up a defensive stance. Their tactic was mainly to evade and make Sky Devil Rui Ze run around in circles.

The two of them were proficient in body movement Profound Skills and their speed was extremely swift. With mutual coordination, it was more than enough to restrain Rui Ze.

When Rui Ze saw them evading his moves initially, he felt that these two brats should have lost their fighting spirit and underestimated them again. He felt that they were only trying to escape and did not even muster up any courage to counter-attack him. So they were bound to fall into his hands sooner or later.

Furthermore, to capture these two rare ingredients to refine into blood devil pills, Rui Ze carefully controlled his actions because he was deeply afraid of accidentally killing them!

If any one of them died, they would be refined into ordinary blood pills. The medicinal effect of that was 10 times weaker!

Li Moying and Jun Sihan sensed his thinking so when they evaded his moves, they didn’t try very hard to do so since he wouldn’t kill them!

Furthermore, this would give Rui Ze a wrong perception that they had already exhausted their energies and would collapse anytime to become his hostage!

Their acting skills passed the test and Rui Ze was indeed hooked. He became more and more excited, and he started to hit them even swifter than before!

“Damn brats, quickly get on your knees and surrender!”

“Escape? Where do you think you can escape to??”

“See how I kill you with one palm strike!”

As Rui Ze shouted, he recklessly used up the demonic power within, totally forgetting about his injuries!

As he struck out a fatal palm strike, he felt that he should be able to defeat Li Moying and Jun Sihan.

Just then, Rui Ze suddenly sensed an acute pain coming from his dantian!