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Chapter 3220: Assassinate Sky Devil Rui Ze (3)

Just when the two of them were conversing, a faint sound was suddenly heard coming from the entrance of the cave.

Rui Ze was in a bad mood. So when he heard a clamor, his fury instantly rose.

He raised his voice and shouted, “Who dares to create a din in This Seat’s cave? You are simply too bold! Show yourself right now!”

He had just asked the question when two tall figures appeared right before Rui Ze.

Rui Ze was just about to berate them when he instantly broke out in cold sweat after taking a closer look!

“You… you two… what are the two of you doing here??”

Right before him were Li Moying and Jun Sihan, whom he fought three days ago!

Jun Sihan’s lips curled upwards coldly. “Rui Ze, did you think that no one can find you if you hide in your cave? You killed so many of our allied armies’ soldiers. No matter how well you hide, you will not be able to escape death today!”

After the two of them had easily killed those two guards at the entrance, they followed Huang Yueli and entered deep into the cave.

The arrays set up in the cave were rather complicated and Huang Yueli spent a great deal of effort, coordinating with the information that she had obtained from Li Yukun before she found the correct way.

Luckily, the allied armies’ soldiers that Xia Yunxi was commanding also coordinated perfectly in tune. They managed to hold all the guards off, helping them earn sufficient time.

Hearing Rui Ze’s voice, Li Moying lifted his chin and gestured for Huang Yueli to hide to one side.

Huang Yueli originally wasn’t happy that he had pushed her to one side. But considering that the operation of assassinating Rui Ze was indeed very serious, she could only retreat to the corner.

But just as they were shifting, one of them accidentally kicked a rock on the mountain path and attracted Rui Ze’s attention.

After hearing Rui Ze’s shout, Li Moying and Jun Sihan didn’t express any anxiety. They simply stepped forward and faced Rui Ze directly.

Rui Ze had considered the fact that the allied armies might take the opportunity while he was frail and send someone to assassinate him. Hence he made many preparations in advance. He mobilized all his subordinates who were Sky Devils to the cave entrance to be his guards, and even activated all the defensive arrays!

Rui Ze assumed that with such heavy defense, even if the allied armies came, they had to pay an extremely heavy price before they could break through the exterior boundary’s defense.

Never in his wildest dream did he expect Li Moying and Jun Sihan to suddenly appear without a sound in front of him!

But Rui Ze was a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner who had been on the battlefield for a long time.

After a brief moment of shock, he quickly regained his calm and a cold sneer appeared on the corner of his lips.

“The two of you… you’re probably some whatever genius in the ancient god clans? You’re only in Heart Profound Realm but you manage to survive after crossing blows with This Seat. Your innate talent is indeed not bad! But you want to assassinate This Seat? Are you still daydreaming? You wish to kill me based on your cultivation?”

“I think you’re tired of living!”

As Rui Ze spoke, he swiftly used his soul trace to scan through the cave and verified that there was no presence of Dao Profound Realm practitioners nearby.

He was instantly reassured and became extremely confident!

Rui Ze had already seen Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s skills, but he did not believe that these two younger generation lads could inflict fatal damage on him!

He was most worried that there were powerful Dao Profound Realm practitioners lying in ambush behind Li Moying and Jun Sihan!