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Chapter 3213: Listen To My Wife’s Commands (1) 

Xia Yunxi instantly became upset upon hearing Jun Sihan deny her abilities.

“So what if they’re Earth Devils? I can command a small team to kill an ordinary Earth Devil now. I’m rather confident of commanding the campsite’s 2000 soldiers or more to ward off 10 Earth Devils.”

Jun Sihan wanted to say something else, but Xia Yunxi stared hard at him. Her sparkly, big eyes revealed a strong hint of annoyance.

“Trying saying that I can’t do it again if you dare!”

Jun Sihan immediately went soft with cowardice. His high and mighty image had totally vanished.

He lowered his voice and said, “Yunxi, it’s not that I’m saying you can’t manage. I’m just worried about you…”

“You don’t need to worry about me. I still want to earn military merits! I can settle such a small thing like this!”


Seeing that the both of them were in a stalemate, Huang Yueli propped her chin and beamed as she said, “Yunxi, Brother Jun, stop arguing. This matter… I feel that Yunxi will definitely be able to do it!”

“Really?” Jun Sihan frowned as he looked at her. Apparently, he didn’t quite believe what she said.

Huang Yueli replied, “Yunxi had very high innate talent in terms of formation skills. It’s just that she hadn’t had any chance to bring it out in the past! You probably hadn’t seen her commanding her small team of 50 soldiers. They are made up of practitioners whose cultivations are Dream Profound Realm and below, but they can kill three Earth Devils simultaneously! Although I once told her about some techniques for formation transformation, I didn’t tell her a lot because there was no time. Actually, I only touched on the most crucial points and she managed to figure out the rest on her own!”


Jun Sihan was stunned as he said in astonishment, “Three Earth Devils?”

Commanding ordinary practitioners to fight was different from fighting themselves.

Even for Jun Sihan himself, gathering so many abled practitioners together to make them display a total power that far surpassed their own strength wasn’t an easy task to do.

Huang Yueli nodded and laughed, “That’s right. So don’t worry! Moreover, have you forgotten that Sister Yunsi has… her special ability! Even if an accident happens during our mission, she will definitely be able to return safely!”

Hearing that, Jun Sihan was at a loss for words.

Xia Yunxi snorted and continued, “Isn’t that so? If I had to say something, attempting an assassination on Sky Devil Rui Ze is the most dangerous mission! In comparison, my ability to save myself is much stronger than yours!”

Jun Sihan was naturally well-aware of his wife’s ability.

But he had a blind spot when the matter concerned his wife. So he had temporarily forgotten about Yunxi’s powerful capability to foresee the future. Even without the use of a divination ritual, she had an acute instinct which could help her avoid calamity.

“Alright then… but you must be extremely careful.” Jun Sihan sighed and softened his tone. “If there’s danger, just ignore those allied army soldiers. Escape for your life first and don’t ever learn from Moying’s wife, do you understand?”

“Cough cough cough cough cough cough—”

A series of coughing rang throughout the main tent upon hearing Jun Sihan’s words.

Li Yukun and the three Commanders choked on their saliva.

Although everyone was grateful to Jun Sihan for undertaking the task to uphold justice, and they could also understand his feelings toward his beloved wife. But… this… what kind of things was he even talking about?

What was called ‘if there’s danger, just ignore those allied armies soldiers and escape for your life first’?

What was he thinking, attempting to instigate the allied armies’ future Commanding Officer?

Even Li Moying was stumped by Jun Sihan’s shamelessness!