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Chapter 3212: Precious Spiritual Armament Master (5)  

It hadn’t been long since Huang Yueli joined the allied armies, so she totally couldn’t understand why Commander Hu and the others were so shocked.

She frowned slightly and shot a strange look at Commander Hu. “That’s right. Aren’t I the one who came out with this suggestion? If I am not confident that I will be able to settle those exterior arrays, why would I even think of such a plan?”

Commander Hu was stunned. “Oh… right…”

Recalling back in detail, the first to suggest Li Moying and Jun Sihan stay and help kill Rui Ze seemed to be Huang Yueli!

He thought, “But didn’t they all say that all Spiritual Armament Masters value their lives dearly? She… she’s willing to take this risk?”

“Moreover, she is of noble status. She is Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Lord’s wife, and also a Spiritual Armament Master. Just based on these points alone, even though she never heads to the frontlines, no one would dare to belittle her with the same identity and status.”

“She… why is she willing to do such a dangerous thing?”

Thinking of this, Commander Hu was filled with admiration for Huang Yueli. When he recalled Huang Yueli choosing to face Sky Devil Rui Ze alone at the demon tribe’s campsite last night, allowing ordinary soldiers like themselves to retreat first…

The image of Huang Yueli instantly rose sky-high in his heart!

Huang Yueli was puzzled at being stared at by Commander Hu, and her goosebumps started to rise involuntarily!

On the other hand, Li Moying seemed to understand what Commander Hu was thinking about, but he didn’t spill the beans. Instead, he touched Huang Yueli’s hand and said in a deep voice, “My wife is not just a Spiritual Armament Master. She is also well-versed in arrays. So destroying the concealment outside the cave shouldn’t be a problem. But she can’t work on two things at the same time, so she has to find someone reliable to command the army and ward off those Earth Devil guards.”


Saying that, his gaze subconsciously glanced past Commander Hu, Commander Xiao, and Commander Yang.

Now that Jing Zhihai and the others had caused their own demise, then the post of Commanding Officer would be chosen from the three of them.

“You three…”

Li Moying just opened his mouth and was interrupted by someone.

“Brother Li, leave this mission to me! I am already very experienced in leading the army into battle. Moreover, I’ve cooperated with Sister Yueli previously. We have a great rapport!”

Xia Yunxi beamed as she spoke, volunteering herself to take this mission.

Jun Sihan’s brows creased, apparently displeased. “You… you’d better stay at the campsite! Moreover, I don’t even know that you know how to command the troops?”

Xia Yunxi glowered at him. “Stop looking down on others! My formation skills were taught by Sister Yueli!”

When Jun Sihan heard this, he was even more worried.

“You’ve just started learning formation skills and you’re thinking of leading the armies into battle? If it was against ordinary devil soldiers, that’s ok. But this time, our opponents are so many Earth Devils! Just based on the campsite’s current manpower, blocking off so many Earth Devil top practitioners requires a high demand on the Commanding Officer’s skills. There can’t be any slip-ups!”

Jun Sihan was worried that Xia Yunxi would put herself in danger and meet with perilous situations. So he wanted her to stay at the campsite.

Ever since he found out that Xia Yunxi had fallen into the demon tribe’s control area in the middle of teleportation, Jun Sihan had been worried for the longest time yet. He had finally waited for his wife to return safely, so all he hoped for was that his wife would lie down and not scare him anymore.

However, Xia Yunxi seemed as though she couldn’t understand his feelings at all.