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Chapter 3214: Listen To My Wife’s Commands (2)

“What was called ‘learning from my wife’?”

“My Li’er is perfectly fine, alright!”

“She knows how to protect the majority of the allied army’s soldiers during the most critical moment, and didn’t think too much about sacrificing herself. What great moral character she has! She’s especially incredible!”

At this moment, Li Moying had totally forgotten the things that he had warned his wife about last night…

Xia Yunxi couldn’t help but stare at her husband. “That’s enough from you! Of course, I will pay attention to my safety. But I will also try my best to ward off those devil soldiers!”

Jun Sihan was evidently not happy, but he didn’t say anything more.

Li Yukun sighed and said, “Many thanks to Young Miss Xi for sticking by us! Originally, I should been the one who should take charge of commanding but after I was injured, my movements have been restricted. When it comes to the time of need, I’ve become a burden for the entire army…”

Xia Yunxi smiled and shook her head. “Divine Lieutenant, don’t worry about this. Just leave it to me. Nothing will happen!”

So, the preliminary deployment of members had been set. The next step was for Li Yukun to lead everyone into the detailed planning stage.

“Sky Devil Rui Ze sustained a rather serious injury after crossing hands with Young Lord and Young Master Jun last night. Adding to that his closed door cultivation had been forcibly interrupted, he must have sustained internal injuries. We must quickly take action while he hasn’t received sufficient blood pills to treat his injury.”

“But now, the campsite’s soldiers had continuously fought high-intensity battles for two consecutive days and they’re totally exhausted. If we force them to fight another battle today, they might collapse from over-exertion which will not allow them to display their corresponding battle power. Adding on that Young Miss Xia will be taking charge of commanding, it’s best to gel in with the troops first. So, we shall confirm that we will launch the attack three days later!”


Li Yukun analyzed the situation and came to this conclusion. At the same time, he inquired about everyone’s views. “What does everyone think?”

All of them nodded in agreement.

Factoring all aspects of the current situation, Li Yukun’s plan should be most reasonable.

Li Yukun continued to say, “Every single component of the plan is very crucial. Young Lord and Young Master Jun will have to fight a battle that surpasses one huge realm, and it’s extremely dangerous! Young Madam must decode many different mechanisms and arrays both inside and outside of the cave to ensure that everyone can enter safely. Whereas Young Miss Xia’s mission is to lead the army to ward off more than 10 Earth Devils’ attacks so that they do not get a chance to disrupt both Young Masters. We can afford to make any mistakes!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli and the others nodded gravely.

They might seem very relaxed when they agreed to stay and distribute the tasks, but everyone knew deep in their hearts the severity of this mission.

Li Moying and Jun Sihan had absolute confidence in their strength and had the drive to advance courageously. But they would never commit the mistake of underestimating their opponents and treat each of them seriously.

It was exactly because of their prudence that they were able to shine in God Realm and stand in today’s position.

Whereas Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi might be ordinary ladies in front of their hubbies, but in reality, they were extremely resolute and daring top practitioners!

They were most aware of the logic, “Sail a ship with care!”

Seeing the four of them agree on this, Li Yukun was immediately assured.

He turned and looked at Commander Hu and the other two. “Since Young Miss Xia is now your Commanding Officer, you must strictly adhere to all her commands.”