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Chapter 3211: Precious Spiritual Armament Master (4)  

“Huh? What?” The three Commanders showed a dazed expression.

Even Li Yukun appeared rather astonished. “Young Madam, you… what do you mean? Can you explain further in detail?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Divine Lieutenant, have you forgotten? When the demon tribe attacked our campsite, I was the one who restored our defensive array and mechanisms!”

Li Yukun was stunned for a moment, then he suddenly came to his senses!

“Right, right! I remember it now! Young Madam, you… you’re actually well-versed in the art of arrays! You even know how to restore mechanisms! Are you… one of the Spiritual Armament Masters from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber?” He asked cautiously, as an unconcealable trace of excitement sparkled in his eyes.

When Li Yukun was saved by Huang Yueli, he had once thought of this question.

But later on, he was seriously injured and the campsite was riddled with various problems. So he totally forgot about this.

Now thinking back, Huang Yueli could restore the surrounding’s complicated arrays in such a short time meant that her level of mastery in arrays and mechanisms was definitely not low!

Otherwise, even with the detailed blueprint, it wasn’t that easy to finish restoring the mechanism.

Huang Yueli nodded. “That’s right! Before I came to Blessed City, I’ve indeed been authenticated by the Sky Gem Glass Chamber!”


Saying that, she took out her Spiritual Armament Master’s badge from her interspatial ring and showed it to everyone.

Astonished looks appeared on everyone’s faces. Even Commander Hu and the others were so stunned that they stood rooted to the ground!

Huang Yueli was really an accredited Spiritual Armament Master!!

Spiritual Armament Masters was a rare occupation in God Realm! Moreover, Spiritual Armament Masters’ statuses were noble and they were focused on refining armaments. Very few of them could establish themselves on the battlefield.

So, Spiritual Armament Masters on the battlefield might be able to create a huge impact, but very few of them were willing to join the allied armies.

Of course, Spiritual Armament Masters didn’t just stay out of this. In environments where their safety was assured, they were willing to install various mechanisms around the different major cities and campsites.

But when the situation became pressed and there might be a chance that they would die during the demon tribe’s attack, it was as difficult as climbing the stairs to Heaven to find a Spiritual Armament Master who was willing to aid in the battle.

There were times when the Spiritual Armament Masters were willing, but the allied armies’ Headquarters weren’t willing to approve it.

After all, there were so few Spiritual Armament Masters and they were important people who had to be around when they built a new base. So if they had to risk their lives for a small battle and if they really died, it would be a major loss for the entire allied armies!

On the contrary, Array Masters had it much easier because many Array Masters specialized in formations. So their survival rates on the battlefield were much higher.

Most of them would change their occupations to the allied armies’ Commanding Officer, just like Li Yukun.

The campsite where Li Yukun was holding the fort might be the most important stronghold on the frontlines. But there were hundreds of cities like Blessed City in God Realm. So in comparison, the stronghold’s importance wasn’t that high.

Based on Li Yukun’s status in the allied armies, it was already very difficult for him to request a Spiritual Armament Master to join in their battle. What more to execute such a dangerous mission?!

Commander Hu looked at Huang Yueli in disbelief and asked in a quavering voice, “Commander Li, you… you’re really willing to take the risk and launch a surprise attack on Sky Devil Rui Ze with us?”