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Chapter 3205: Strong-flavored Dog Food (3)

A moment later, Huang Yueli opened her mouth and asked.

Li Moying muttered irresolutely, “Based on Commander Hu’s deduction, Jing Zhihai and the other two must have resorted to some method when they arrived at the cave to interrupt Sky Devil Rui Ze’s close door cultivation, but they weren’t able to kill him in one go. After Rui Ze regained consciousness, he was extremely furious. So there is a 99% chance that he killed them on the spot!”

He had just finished his sentence when Jun Sihan snorted immediately. “Serves them right! They deserve to die! Even if they lose their lives, it’s their just desserts! Even I know that I’m no match for Sky Devil Rui Ze. They’re simply letting their imagination run wild, thinking that they could kill Rui Ze? Never mind if they wanted to die, they almost implicated my Little Xi!”

When Xia Yunxi heard his words, she went into a slight blank. Following that, her face turned as red as a beetroot. She pinched hard on her husband’s arm.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

At this moment, shouldn’t he be saying, “Never mind if they wanted to die, they almost implicated the others in the allied armies”?

But when it came to Jun Sihan, why did it turn into “implicate my Little Xi?” Did he treat those thousands of soldiers as nothing?

What would others think?

Even Huang Yueli couldn’t stop herself from laughing. She shot a mischievous look at Xia Yunxi.

However, Jun Sihan wasn’t feeling embarrassed at all. He continued calmly, “I’m merely just stating the facts.”

Li Moying stood beside Huang Yueli and nodded in agreement.

He couldn’t be bothered by what nonsense those few Commanders did. But since it almost caused his little fox’s death, they deserved to die!

Luckily they have already died in Sky Devil Rui Ze’s hands. So he didn’t need to take action himself.

Xia Yunxi said thoughtfully, “In this case, the campsite’s situation…. Isn’t as optimistic as what we think!”

Commander Hu and the others looked at her strangely. “Commander Xi, why do you say that?”

Before Huang Yueli could say anything, Li Yukun heaved a deep sigh. “My Lady, you can tell too?”

Xia Yunxi nodded as a worried look surfaced. “Demon tribe practitioners are vengeful by nature, even more so for Sky Devil grade top practitioners! I originally thought that Sky Devil Rui Ze hurried over because he received news of Rui Xuan’s request for help. Then after he was defeated, he might be afraid of Moying and Brother Jun’s ability. So he might not attack us. But I didn’t expect…”

She frowned and said, “I didn’t expect it was Commander Jing and the others who provoked Sky Devil Rui Ze first! Rui Ze’s advancement process had been interrupted, and when he hurried over to exact revenge, he was forced to retreat! This action, in the devil’s heart, is considered a huge insult! So I believe that Rui Ze would definitely come to our campsite to exact revenge!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s brows rose in astonishment. “There’s such a thing like this?”

Xia Yunxi nodded and said, “Of course. For the time being, Rui Ze would definitely take time to recuperate and try his best to break through to the Sky Devil end-phase! The demon tribe’s north campsite might be destroyed by us, but they still have several strongholds in the frontline who can still supply blood pills to him! When Rui Ze successfully advances into Sky Devil’s end-phase, he will definitely come to avenge himself!”

Hearing Xia Yunxi’s words, Commander Hu and the others went pale with fright.

“S… Surely not, right? Commander Xi, you… can you not scare us?”

“If it’s true, then we’re done for! We already can’t fight against Rui Ze when he was in Sky Devil mid-phase grade. If he were to advance into Sky Devil end-phase… then…”