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Chapter 3204: Strong-flavored Dog Food (2)

“Assassinate Sky Devil Rui Ze!!”

All of the practitioners cried out in shock!

“He’s mad! Jing Zhihai must have gone mad, right?”

“Why would he do such a thing?”

This result was totally out of everyone’s expectations! No one had anticipated such an answer.

Every single person in the allied armies had experienced how powerful a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner was. Moreover, Jing Zhihai wasn’t some heaven grade genius who could battle someone of a higher realm than him. Suddenly having such a thought… There was no difference from digging his own grave.

Commander Hu secretly sneaked a glance at Huang Yueli and said, “I heard about this from the soldiers under Commander Jing. He should have been agitated by the news of Commander Li and Commander Xi killing Sky Devil Rui Xuan. He kept saying since these two Dream Profound Realm’s brats could kill a Sky Devil early-phase practitioner, then if he and the other two commanders joined hands, they might be able to kill Sky Devil Rui Ze. After all, Rui Ze was still in closed door cultivation…”

Huang Yueli was dumbstruck. She pointed a finger at herself and asked in disbelief, “So, I’ve become a scapegoat in this case?”

Li Moying shook his head in amusement and pinched her little hand that was pointing at herself. He placed it next to his lip and touched it gently.

Commander Hu saw that and felt like crying!

“These two are so immoral!”

Only God knew that Commander Hu wanted to establish himself in the army, so he still hadn’t gotten married at this age! It was the same for the other two Commanders.

They were publicly showing off their love in front of those single dogs!

Moreover, forget it if they were showing affection for each other. Why did Commander Li have to be in man’s dressing…

He was almost choking to death on this strong-flavored dog food1…

“Commander Hu, why aren’t you continuing? What happened after that?” Just as Commander Hu was feeling melancholic, he suddenly heard Xia Yunxi’s voice.

He turned around to take a look and almost blinded his dog’s eyes again.

He saw Xia Yunxi seated on her chair, grabbing some snacks while asking curiously.

That posture was no different from listening to a storyteller in a teahouse.

As for the Young Lord of the Veracious Wyvern Clan, the famous peerless genius Jun Sihan in God Realm was currently holding a cup of hot tea and feeding her carefully as though he was afraid that she might choke.

This… this dog food’s taste was a little better, but a little too sickly sweet…

“Commander Hu? Commander Hu?” Xia Yunxi urged again.

Commander Hu seemed as though he had just awoken from his dream and hurriedly lowered his head. He didn’t dare to look around again. At the same time, he swiftly said, “Anyway, Jing Zhihai and the others had lost their rationality because of jealousy. So they intended to make use of the chance while the devil was asking for help. They disguised themselves as devil soldiers and entered Rui Ze’s closed door cultivation cave to assassinate him!”

“These are what his personal guards told me. Jing Zhihai only took Commander Jian and Command Hua along. So even his personal guards don’t know what happened after they left.”

“But after two hours later, those soldiers who remained at their original spot saw Sky Devil Rui Xuan running past them swiftly in a flustered and exasperated manner. When he saw soldiers from the allied armies, he instantly attacked them! A lot of soldiers died on the spot! For those who were not dead, they escaped in different directions. Immediately after that, Rui Ze headed to the campsite in the north. As for what happened after that… everyone should be well aware of it!”

Hearing Commander Hu’s explanation, everyone went silent.

“In this case, Commander Jing and the others have most likely died in Rui Ze’s cave?”