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Chapter 3206: Strong-flavored Dog Food (4)

The moment they thought about the bloody scene that might happen, those few Commanders instantly turned pale with fright.

The Commanders don’t dare to trust Xia Yunxi’s words, but Huang Yueli and Jun Sihan knew that Xia Yunxi would never say things that she wasn’t confident about.

Since she had especially reminded Li Yukun, then the odds of it happening represented that she had already “seen” the future direction…

Huang Yueli shuddered at the thought of it.

She had only arrived in God Realm for a relatively short time and she wasn’t very clear about the demon tribe’s nature.

If it wasn’t for Xia Yunxi’s reminder, she probably wouldn’t have thought so far!

Li Yukun’s expression was extremely grave. He slowly said, “I’ve also thought about this problem, but I believe Rui Ze’s injury this time is rather serious. Moreover, his closed door cultivation had been interrupted. So it should have affected his cultivation to a certain extent. It wouldn’t be so easy for him to advance into Sky Devil end-phase. But if he really succeeds, we will seek help from the Divine General in Blessed City to send us reinforcements!”

Li Yukun’s battle experience was much richer than Huang Yueli and the others.

If Xia Yunxi could think of it, so would he.

But saying this would only cause terror among the campsite’s ordinary soldiers. So he just didn’t expose the truth.

Hearing Li Yukun’s words, Huang Yueli’s brows creased together.

“Divine Lieutenant, what you say is not right! Even if the possibility of Rui Ze advancing into Sky Devil end-phase is less than 10%, if he does manage to succeed in advancing, everyone on the campsite will be in jeopardy! How can you take this risk?”

“As for seeking Divine General’s help… distant water won’t put out a fire close at hand! By the time the Dao Profound Realm top exponents come over from Blessed City, the entire campsite would have been destroyed by Rui Ze! Furthermore, there aren’t many Dao Profound Realm practitioners in the army. Where are they going to mobilize these people from by then?”

Li Yukun was stumped by Huang Yueli’s questioning. “This… this… actually, I haven’t sorted out my thoughts on how to make the arrangements yet…”

Huang Yueli waved her hand to interrupt him.

“Divine Lieutenant, it’s actually very easy to settle this problem! Sky Devil Rui Ze is injured and he might even face the danger of his cultivation dropping by a realm. This is a golden opportunity! It’s just nice that Moying and Brother Jun are here now, so we can kill Rui Ze. In this way, we will be able to put him down, once and for all!”

“Ughh, this… will it be too much trouble for both Young Masters?” Li Yukun looked cautiously at Li Moying and Jun Sihan.

There was endless anticipation in his eyes.

He had naturally thought about asking Li Moying and Jun Sihan to lend a helping hand, to kill Sky Devil Rui Ze.

Li Yukun kept pondering over it indecisively, but in the end, he didn’t state his request.

Speaking of this, Li Moying and Jun Sihan were originally not part of his campsite’s soldiers. They had merely come to bring their wives home.

Moreover, after the two of them arrived, they had already done them a huge favor to defeat Rui Ze once. It was already equivalent to saving thousands of lives in the army.

How could he possibly have the cheek to continue asking them for help?

Moreover, all Li Moying and Jun Sihan had on their minds was probably to bring their wives back home as soon as possible. They probably didn’t want to continue staying at the campsite.

As expected, when they heard what Huang Yueli said, Li Moying and Jun Sihan frowned simultaneously. Apparently, they weren’t willing at all.