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Chapter 3175: Reap What You Sow (4)

Since death was near at hand, they could only try their best to emphasize their loyalty and get a chance to get Rui Ze to spare their lives.

Sky Devil Rui Ze heard their report and couldn’t help but frown.

“Rui Xuan had been seriously injured by the allies armies? You simply just believe whatever someone said? You let three god clan practitioners in just because of a baseless lie! You dumb fools!”

“Wh… what?”

“God… god clan practitioners?”

The guards’ mouths fell agape in disbelief. It was until now did they find out that there were actually three god clan practitioners among those four who entered earlier.

No wonder Lord Rui Ze was so angry. What other motive could those three god clan practitioners have in smuggling in? It was definitely to assassinate Lord Rui Ze!

Luckily, those three men didn’t get their way…

The guards were silently feeling glad, but feeling exceptionally frightened!

They had committed such a major mistake, almost causing Sky Devil Rui Ze to be assassinated! This crime was so serious that it practically wasn’t unavoidable to be thrown into the Infinite Hell!

Thinking of this, the guards furiously kowtowed and pleaded for mercy. Continuous bangs were heard on the limestone floor.

“Lord Rui Ze, please spare our lives. This Subordinate… This Subordinate really didn’t know!”

“If This Subordinate were to know that they were god clan’s spies, we wouldn’t dare to let them in even if you kill us!”

Seeing Rui Ze still bearing a cold look, someone had a change of thoughts and began to shout, “Lord Rui Ze, This Subordinate didn’t do it intentionally. It’s because… because of Lord Rui Xuan’s guard who came along with those god clan practitioners! He’s the one in the black robe! He’s the one who always delivers those blood pills that Lord Rui Xuan gathered!”

Hearing that, the other guards also came to their senses and pushed the blame onto the black-robed devil.

“That’s right, it’s all because of him! He was the one who led them here!”

“We’ve seen him a lot of times so that’s why we believe what he said was true. But we didn’t expect… him to betray milord!”

They looked at the black-robed devil from afar and berated him while pointing fingers.

The black-robed devil was filled with incessant grievances.

He originally intended to slip away while Lord Rui Ze was furious.

Whoever knew that those guards came so quickly and he couldn’t escape in time at all!

Now he was exposed for his betrayal of the demon tribe. He would probably not be any better than Jing Zhihai and the others!

Rui Ze’s icy cold gaze fell on him. “You’re the one… who betrayed This Seat?”

The black-robed devil trembled and plopped to the ground on his knees.

“Lord Rui Ze, This Subordinate… This Subordinate was being coerced by them! Moreover, the demon tribe’s campsite has indeed been attacked by the allied armies. Lord Rui Xuan… he had been killed by the allied armies!”

“What?? What did you say? Rui Xuan is already dead? How can that be?”

Rui Ze was shocked and couldn’t focus on holding someone accountable at this moment. He couldn’t help but press on this matter.

Sweat broke out on the black-robed devil’s forehead, and he prostrated on the ground while speaking, “Yes… it’s true! This Subordinate saw it with my own eyes! Lord Rui Xuan’s devil stone had been dug out by someone!”

“Damn humans! Damn allied armies!!”

Rui Ze couldn’t control the anger in him and his right hand struck out!

A gust of demonic Qi swept past the cave walls and gave off a few loud rumbles. Multiple shattered stones started to fall from the walls, causing the ground to shake vigorously as dust and ash filled the air.

The devils, who were present, went pale with fright.