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Chapter 3174: Reap What You Sow (3)

“Escape? You’re still trying to escape? Simply overestimating yourself!”

Sky Devil Rui Ze’s handsome but wicked face appeared in the shadows.

Jing Zhihai knew that there was no way out, so he clenched his teeth and suddenly leaped into the air!

His long sword was sharply drawn out, aiming at Sky Devil Rui Ze!

He had already taken the potential arousal pill and his cultivation was forcibly raised to Heart Profound Realm end-phase. Sky Devil Rui Ze might seem peerlessly powerful, but Jing Zhihai believed that Rui Ze’s closed door cultivation had been interrupted. So he wouldn’t seem totally unharmed like nothing had happened!

Since there was no way out, he might be able to turn things around if he staked everything into this!

Unfortunately, the truth had proven that everything Jing Zhihao did was fruitless.

Sky Devil Rui Ze turned and evaded the strike that he had put all his effort into!

At the same time, a burst of demonic Qi violently shot out from his body and hit Jing Zhihai, causing him to throw up blood and fly out!

After Sky Devil Rui Ze had dealt with all three god clan Commanders, he shouted furiously, “Men! Men! Who are the guards on duty today? Get the hell out for This Seat right away!”

“Men! Where are all of you? Are you all dead?!”

Originally when Jing Zhihai and the others had entered the place where Rui Ze was in closed door cultivation, the few guards all hid far away. They had set their minds to not appear so easily before Rui Ze’s anger subsided.

So when Rui Ze called out for them initially, they were still hoping that they would get lucky and hid in the corner.

It was until Rui Ze called out several times and his tone sounded even more furious than before, that they were finally scared witless. Then they hurriedly ran out of their hiding spot to look for him.

The moment they saw Rui Ze, they instantly knelt on the ground.

“Lord… Lord Rui Ze, This Subordinate… This Subordinate is here to receive your orders…”

Rui Ze’s handsome face surfaced a sinister sneer. “You guys are so bold! How dare you let god clan practitioners into This Seat’s closed door cultivation location?! Seems that I’ve been too lenient towards the few of you usually!”

Rui Ze’s icy cold tone sounded very calm, but those guards who knew him very well knew that this tone clearly showed the fury in his heart.

The guards trembled in fear and prostrated on the ground.

“How dare you neglect your duties. Just wait to go into Infinite Hell!” Rui Ze declared coldly.

The guards were so scared out of their spirits!

Infinite Hell was a famous prison in the demon tribe. It was said that if one was locked in there, they would suffer various tortures which made their life a living Hell!

Never did they imagine that doing a clever trivial matter like this would land them in such hot soup.

The guards hurriedly kowtowed and explained while doing so.

“Lord Rui Ze, please have mercy on us and grant us instant death. Please don’t send us to Infinite Hell! We… we did this because of Lord Rui Xuan, that’s why… that’s why we let them in! Will you please take into account our loyalty towards you…”

“Rui Xuan?”

When Rui Ze heard Rui Xuan’s name, he was a little surprised.

The guards heard his surprised tone and hurriedly explained, “Y… Yes! Earlier those few people, actually… they’ve come from the northern campsite! They claimed that the northern campsite was under siege by the allied armies and Lord Rui Xuan was badly injured, hence they were sent over to ask for reinforcements. This Subordinate… This Subordinate didn’t dare to disturb Milord but was worried that Lord Rui Xuan would really be in trouble. So I lost my mind, and… and let them in!”

The guards hurriedly explained.