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Chapter 3176: I’ll Stay Behind! (1)

“How dare they kill This Seat’s younger brother. I’ll make your entire campsite pay with your lives!”

Sky Devil Rui Ze clenched his teeth as he hissed.

Before he could complete his sentence, he jumped up and sped towards the entrance of the cave!

“Lord Rui Ze! Lord Rui Ze!”

The guards shouted in a fluster as they hastily chased after him.

Demon tribe campsite.

Huang Yueli and the others were ignorant of what had just happened in the cave.

The campsite’s battle was coming to an end.

The demon tribe practitioners might have fought to their last breath, but under Huang Yueli’s orderly commands, their battle power was slowly extinguished and the number of demon tribe being killed were increasing.

As for the allied armies, their casualties were being kept to the lowest figure.

Lastly, the demon tribe was only left with a few hundred people.

Huang Yueli called Commander Hu and said, “Alright, it’s going to be dawn now. Let’s stop wasting time and prepare to launch an all-out attack! Let’s claim this last bit of military merits and we can go back!”

“Yes, we’ll follow your orders!” Commander Hu answered with vigor.

This battle allowed all the participating soldiers to fight to their hearts’ content. All the excitement had swept away their tiredness from the war.

Commander Hu and the others quickly gathered their soldiers and commanded them to make their last attacks.

There were not many left in the demon tribe, and most of them had already lost their morale. It didn’t take long for them to be crushed thoroughly.

A few Devil Commanders had decent abilities and wanted to break out of the siege but were ultimately stopped.

Commander Hu detained them and walked to Huang Yueli to ask for further instructions. “Commander Li, do you think… we should kill these devils or…”

Huang Yueli swept them a glance and said, “It’s not too bad to bring a few live souls back! I heard that the military merits for capturing devils alive are much higher than handing in the devil stones!”

Xia Yunxi said, “I’m afraid that something might happen on our way back. It’s better to kill them now!”

The few devil Commanders were tightly bound and when they heard the allied armies’ Commanders discussing their fate, they felt extremely aggrieved.

“Didn’t you say you’ve already sent someone to ask Lord Rui Ze for help? Why is there no news at all?”

“That’s right. If Lord Rui Ze still doesn’t appear, we will all be killed!”

That short devil, who suggested asking for reinforcements initially, felt extremely unhappy. “What use is there to blame me? Logically speaking, if Lord Rui Ze finds out that his brother was killed, he would definitely come over! I’m just worried that an accident might have happened! The allied armies are very sly. They might have arranged an ambush along the way!”

Hearing that, the remaining devils gave up their last hopes.

Sky Devil Rui Ze was their only hope!

Now that Rui Ze still hadn’t arrived in time, all of them were bound to be killed!

Huang Yueli’s side had also come to a decision.

She raised her hand and ordered, “Alright, I think it’s better to be on the conservative side. Let’s deal with these devils, dig out their devil stones, and we’ll be on our way back…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the surrounding air suddenly radiated a suffocating cold aura.

Demonic Qi!

Extremely dense demonic Qi!

Huang Yueli trembled and looked up.

“Damn god clan allied armies, how dare you kill my younger brother! You’re digging your own grave! This Seat must refine all of you into blood pills. None of you can escape!”

Sky Devil Rui Ze’s howl came from afar, thundering in everyone’s ears!

All the soldiers from the allied armies were overwhelmed with horror!